Depth already paying off for Wildcats

Arizona's rotation continues to be one of the deepest ones in the country. Read on for Sean Miller's thoughts on the rotation as well as how the players are reacting.

It may be early in the season, but Arizona's depth is already showing and should continue to be a weapon throughout the season.

A good sign of that depth is the fact that Grant Jerrett has done just fine this season, but Sean Miller made the decision to start Brandon Ashley instead of Jerrett in order to maximize his options.

"We started him tonight not because of anything Grant [Jerrett] did, because he's rock solid, but as a reward to Brandon," Miller said Monday. "He's practiced very well.

"How you practice is how you play, and how he played was very similar to how he practiced the other night. We'll rotate our starting line-up because I believe those guys are equal in many ways and they deserve to start at some point."

For Ashley, the idea that any player could start on any given night does not change the players' approach to each game.

"I don't think it matters," Ashley said. "Just knowing you're going to be in the game and doing what you can. I don't think whether you start or not really matters."

Against Long Beach State, Kevin Parrom was arguably the best shooter on the team. One player that will start every game this season is Solomon Hill and he realizes that the Wildcats will have success due in large part to the players coming off the bench.

"On any given night it can be a different player," Hill said. "Tonight (Monday) was Kevin's night. If we continue to shoot like that, it will add a different dimension to our team. Like I said, it could be anybody's night."

That's not to say that the starters on Arizona will not be important as well, especially considering the way that Miller talks about Hill's success as a Wildcat.

"Solomon is a throwback in that he has improved each and every year," Miller said. "He's added an element to what he did the previous year. He's grown as a person, he's grown as a leader, and he's grown as a basketball player.

"Looking at his career when it finally ends, which hopefully won't be for a long time, I think you'll see that he did some great things in his four year period at Arizona. Having said that, he didn't have a great first half, but he followed that up as a veteran player and had a great second half."

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