Wildcats look to contain three-pointers

On Monday, Sean Miller talked about what Arizona has been working on the most. One of those items is defending the three-pointer. Read on to see how Miller has addressed this, why it is a focus, and more.

Arizona is off to a solid start this season, as it has won its first three games, two of which came by double digits.

However, nothing is perfect and one factor that has been present in at least two of those games is the fact that Arizona has not been defending the three well.

In the season opener, Charleston Southern hit 10-28 three-pointers and although that is not a great percentage, it is still more attempts than Arizona would like to let up. Against Long Beach State, the 49ers hit 14-32, including a span of numerous shots later in the game.

Arizona head coach Sean Miller is happy with the Wildcats' play so far, but also realizes that there is room for improvement.

"That is one of the things we have worked really hard on since Monday and any time you have a period of time like we had and you don't play games, especially this early in the year when there are a lot of tournaments going on, I think it can be really beneficial when handled right," Miller said.

"Clearly it cannot be beneficial if guys are wishing they were playing games and not practicing well. We have practiced well and we have addressed as much as we can, things we can control, to defend the three-point shot."

The positive aspect of the slight struggle against giving up too many three-pointers and overall attempts is the belief that it is an issue that can be fixed.

"Part of what we are going through is youth," Miller said. "We have a frontcourt of very talented players that I think really want to learn and they are getting better every day, but until we get through game experience, I don't think some of the lessons we need to learn we will have on our side."

Arizona obviously has not been too hurt by the three-pointers, but the players are well aware that it is an issue that needs to be addressed.

"When it does not work well in games, it gets the players' attention," Miller said. "That is why sometimes a loss is probably the greatest teaching lesson and it is unfortunate that sometimes that has to happen.

"We don't want to have to go down that path obviously, but I do think that through these games the fact that we have not done that well has our team's attention, our coaches' attention."

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