Miller excited for road challenge

Arizona will head on the road for the first time this season when it travels to Texas Tech. Read on for Sean Miller's thoughts on true road games, how his team will react, and more.

Arizona is headed on the road for the first time this season and although Texas Tech may not be the most hostile environment, it still poses a unique challenge for the Wildcats this season.

Many of the top teams in the country are playing in tournaments at neutral locations and while Sean Miller does not necessarily criticize those moves, he does believe it is becoming a trend of sorts.

"As you can see, there is almost mind tricks being played in college basketball where a lot of teams are playing away from home, but very few playing on the road," Miller said.

"Neutral site has become the new hot topic in college basketball and I do believe that playing in a neutral venue, and we are going to play in Hawaii three games, it is not like you are playing at home and it does represent tournament play."

Still, Miller believes that there may be more of a challenge in playing at a true road environment, which is what the Wildcats will be doing on Saturday.

"To play someone on their true home court, to me that is meaningful," he said. "For us to go play at Clemson and at Texas Tech, those are going to be two hard fought games and you develop character where you only have each other."

In addition, the out of conference road games are something that Miller feels will prepare his squad for Pac-12 play.

"I think you build towards conference play because the one thing about conference play is that you can't play anybody on a neutral court anymore," Miller said. "When you are at home, you want to take advantage of it and when you are on the road, you want to be ready knowing how hard it is to win on the road."

Results are obviously the most important part of each game, but Miller also wants to make sure that Arizona is developing a certain mentality as well.

"Part of the non-conference season is to develop a mindset and hopefully some kind of confidence on the road and that comes with winning," he said.

Arizona will be favored in Saturday's game, but Miller sees a challenge for the Wildcats.

"We play at Texas Tech and they play with a lot of energy," Miller said. "Last year they were one of the youngest teams in college basketball, and they've really grown. You can tell in terms of quickness and athleticism.

"They like to press, so taking care of the ball on the road is going to be a great challenge for some of our young players. As you know, there's no better feeling than being able to go into an away arena and leave with a victory. That's the next challenge."

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