Wildcats have yet to reach potential

Arizona has not lost yet this season, but the coaches and players believe there is plenty of room for improvement. Read on to see in what areas Arizona can improve and more.

Despite having not lost a game yet, the general belief among the Arizona coaches and players is that the Wildcats are not close to reaching their potential yet.

One reason that potential is so high is because Arizona has more size than it has had in quite a while. In the blowout win over Texas Tech, that size was apparent from the start.

"We were a very small team a year ago," Sean Miller said. "Until you go through that 35 game season small, you don't realize how important size is, especially quality players, how that affects the game in so many ways. Right now, this year's team, we have that to our advantage."

While that size is obviously beneficial, Miller believes that Arizona is not yet good enough at feeding Kaleb Tarczewski consistently.

"As his coach, I promise you that he'll be getting it more as we keep moving down," Miller said. "Part of November and early December is that you have to get better. You have to work out the kinks. You have to learn who can do what. I certainly think he's established that the more we can get him the ball in the paint, it will only complement the things he's doing well for us right now."

In addition to Tarczewski not getting the ball enough, Miller is also slightly concerned with the amount of turnovers Mark Lyons has had in the past few games.

"Yeah, I am concerned, and we're addressing it," Miller said. "But he also brings things to the table that are very evident. I mean, can he score. I thought his baskets in the first half in particular set the tone for the game, but he has to learn.

"He hasn't played point guard much. He's played guard. The one deceiving part of our team, when you look at Johnson play with Mark, Nick in a way has the role of a point guard out there. He's played so far now five games and has four turnovers and he's making some really good plays, so he complements Mark, and we want him to turn the ball over less."

Miller does not seem concerned that turnovers will be a long-term issue as Lyons is eager to improve as a point guard.

"Just trying to show him where to go, when not to," Miller said of what Lyons is working on. "Decisions. Learning more about the system that we have. With each day, he's a willing learner. He wants to get better, and he'll turn the ball over less."

Where Arizona is now and where it could potentially be at the end of the season is not something that has gone unnoticed with the Wildcats.

"I think we're nowhere near where we need to be," Johnson said. "We have our young guys. It was our first road game. So I mean, just getting used to that, which we'll keep on continuing doing, and our defense at times looked pretty good, other times we lacked a little bit.

"Every part of our game we can get better in and we're just going to keep on practicing and get better at that, so we can be the best we can be."

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