Lyons looking ahead

Mark Lyons may not have played well against Southern Miss, but he is not focusing on it too much. Read on for his thoughts on his performance so far, why it does not bother him, and more.

Mark Lyons played his worst game in an Arizona uniform against Southern Miss, but his ability to lead and other veteran qualities are allowing him to move on quickly.

"I just go out there and play my game," Lyons said. "I have been through the wars. I have bad games, I have good games. I just have to approach the next one with the last game out of my mind. We won the game and that is all that matters."

Lyons attributes his performance against Southern Miss to simply having an off game and says that when it happens, he looks to effect the game in other ways.

"I would say I was just not trying to force the issue," Lyons said. "I missed open shots and that is going to happen. I was trying to make plays for guys and their defense was a little bit weird, so I really wasn't that comfortable on the court, but I was still trying to be a leader and the other guys stepped up. That is the kind of things you need in a close game."

Lyons does not hide the fact that he is still working at adjusting to the way Arizona runs things and its style of play.

"I am just trying to adapt," he said. "It is a new system, team, and everything, but we are winning games. I feel like I have been shooting the ball really well. I just have to take care of the ball and make better decisions down the stretch.

"I just have to put everything together. It is early, but I am making great plays and I am making bad plays, but I just have to learn from it."

Still, Lyons is looking at the overall picture and is happy with the way that the Wildcats have started the season.

"It has been great for me personally," he said. "Obviously the assist numbers don't say that, but we have been winning games, we are 6-0 and that is all I can ask for. When I came here I said we were going to win games and we are 6-0. What more can I want?

"Honestly I felt like I was going to come in and take care of the ball a lot better than I am doing, but I did not come in thinking I would average ten assists or anything like that. It is still early, we are only six games in and as people will recall last year, we were 8-0 and then we went on a streak losing games."

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