Wildcats wrapping up final practices

The Arizona Wildcats leave for New Mexico on Wednesday. Read on for Rich Rodriguez and Matt Scott's ideas on Ka'Deem Carey, the success of the offense, and more.

With the regular season finished, the next step for the Arizona Wildcats (7-5) is a matchup with the Nevada Wolf Pack (7-5) in the New Mexico Bowl.

Leading up to the game, Arizona has had plenty of storylines, the biggest of which is the Ka'Deem Carey's consensus All-American status. Although the meat of his workload is produced on the field, his coach and quarterback believe that it starts off the field and in the locker room.

"Ka'Deem gets fired up a little bit," Head Coach Rich Rodriguez said. "Ka'Deem loves to practice and loves to play. His enthusiasm is infectious. He gets as hyped up as anybody on the team, but he's under control with it as well."

Carey has an outside shot to lead the nation in rushing yards if he has a big game against Nevada. Quarterback Matt Scott thinks that Carey has put in plenty of work in the offseason and practices to deserve being the nation's leading rusher.

"He is loud and vocal before games," Scott said. "He always tried to hype the guys up. He just becomes a vocal leader. ‘Come on guys. I'm going to put some miles on these legs,' is what he usually says. I just sit back and laugh, but he gets some of the other guys pretty pumped up.

"He's a great athlete and competitor. He's a great kid and he's worked hard. If he (finishes with the most rushing yards) then it's because he deserves it."

Even though Carey has the opportunity to finish the day with the most rushing yards in college football, Rodriguez says that it won't effect the way that the Wildcats won't change the way they are attacking the Nevada defense.

"I wouldn't pay attention to (rushing totals) even if I could," Coach Rodriguez said. "Is it important to Ka'Deem to be the leading rusher in the country? Yeah, it is because it helps us win. That's not going to be one thought as far as what we do and what plays we call."

With the success that Carey has found, Arizona put up the most offensive numbers in school history with 6,262 yards of total offense. Both the players and coaches are impressed with how well the offense was executed in the first year under a new head coach.

"For the first year, the thing I've been pleased with, some of the base principles were picked up and the guys bought in pretty quickly with it, Rodriguez said. "I think the personnel is a huge part of it. Ka'Deem had a big year, Matt had a big year, Austin Hill and Dan Buckner too. Those guys make it happen."

While Rodriguez praised the players learning quickly, the senior signal caller was quick to give credit to the coaches for the offensive production.

"We haven't had coaches like these at the university before and I think you have to give a lot of credit to the coaches," Scott said. "This offensive scheme works wonders and it's unstoppable if you make the right reads. The scheme is good and the way the coaches teach the offense makes it easy to understand."

Arizona is leaving on Wednesday afternoon for New Mexico and will be preparing for the bowl game just like it was any other game throughout the season.

"I don't get as excited (about bowls)," Rodriguez said. "I look at it as more of a business trip. I just told the team, the fact that we're only going to be there a few days, it's not like we are going there and seeing the sights. We're going on a business trip.

"They'll have a little fun and they don't need to be tight the first couple days, but as we get closer to Saturday, we want them to have great focus."

Since the Wildcats haven't won a bowl game since the 2008 Las Vegas Bowl, the players are in danger of going through an entire class without winning a postseason game.

"We haven't won a bowl game in three or four years, so it really is a business trip," Scott said. "We want to go up there and get the win."

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