Florida win has plenty of meaning

Arizona's win over Florida goes beyond a simple result. Read on to see why the players feel that is, what a win means moving forward, and more.

A win over Florida on Saturday had numerous implications for Arizona. Sure, it was not a tournament game and a loss would not have been a season-ender by any means, but a win over the Gators helped Arizona immensely.

"I think teams now understand that the things we do are serious," Solomon Hill said after the win. "We did a good job on offensive rebounding tonight (Saturday), but there are a lot of things we can improve on.

"It's great to get a win at home since they got the win at home last year against us. This was a great one for our team confidence and to keep going forward."

Arizona has taken some criticism for its schedule in the early part of the season, but guard Nick Johnson believes that the win over the Gators helps validate what the Wildcats wanted to do with that schedule.

"We're the real deal," Johnson said. "Everybody said something about our schedule before this and this was the opportunity to prove ourselves in front of the nation. We have a lot to do to get better, but we're going to keep on practicing to get better."

In addition to an increase in confidence, Arizona learned a lot about itself as well. For instance, the squad learned that it needs to play until the end, as it never knows what can happen in those last few minutes of a game.

"Just to stay with it," Hill says of what he learned. "Coach (Miller) and I got into it a couple times in practice about a drill and ending the drill with 20 seconds left.

"I told him that we have to finish it because you never know what can happen. Our guys now understand that we have to finish the game off and to stay with it."

Miller shared the same sentiment due in large part to the fact that he believes the Wildcats have numerous players that can contribute on any given night.

"It's a great lesson," Miller said. "We always talk about finishing a game. We had a great finish a couple games ago against Southern Mississippi. One thing I like about our team is that each of our players has taken turns.

"Even when one of our guys has an off night, the team as a collective group is able to make up for that. On any one night, any of our players can have a great night."

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