Breakdown: Arizona vs. Oral Roberts

Arizona will take on Oral Roberts on Tuesday. Read on for a complete breakdown by position, including a score prediction.

PG: Mark Lyons (6-1, 200, Sr.) vs. D.J. Jackson (5-11, 175, Fr.)

This is just an awful matchup for Jackson, as he will be facing a player whose confidence is at its highest. Jackson does not score because he barely shoots, shooting 31 percent on only two attempts per game. Jackson does have 22 assists to eight turnovers, but plays on a relatively short leash because he just does not score. Lyons, on the other hand, is more experienced, stronger, and just better. There might not be a bigger mismatch in Tuesday's game than at the point guard position.

Advantage: Arizona

SG: Nick Johnson (6-3, 200, So.) vs. Warren Niles (6-5, 195, Sr.)

Niles is among the best shooters in the country, as he is making 55 percent of his shots from the field. In addition, Niles is shooting 51 percent from behind the arc on about six attempts per game. Throw in five rebounds per game and you have a player that could be extremely dangerous for the Wildcats. Niles does get in some foul trouble and the guess here is that Johnson is going to try and be aggressive. Johnson has the advantage because he has done it against better competition, but it would not surprise us to see Niles have an extremely strong game.

Advantage: Arizona

SF: Solomon Hill (6-7, 220, Sr.) vs. Shawn Glover (6-7, 195, Jr.)

Glover is good for about 11 points and five rebounds per game while blocking over a shot as well. He is a solid player that has been consistent for the Golden Eagles throughout the season, but Hill has done it against better competition. Hill should be able to take Glover off the dribble, but will get in trouble if he is careless doing so. Our guess is that Glover scores in double digits, but Hill is likely to have more of an impact on the game.

Advantage: Arizona

PF: Brandon Ashley (6-8, 235, Fr.) vs. Steven Roundtree (6-8, 190, Jr.)

Ashley's inconsistency is frustrating because we know he is capable of putting up good numbers, as shown by his performances against Long Beach State and Texas Tech. However, Ashley is also capable of going out there and not doing much considering that he has ten points combined in his last three games. Roundtree, on the other hand, averages about ten points and seven rebounds per contest. If we talk about potential, Ashley's is higher. However, it is difficult to look at his numbers the past three games and give him an advantage here. We will make it even because of that mentioned potential, but Ashley needs to play better defense and keep Roundtree off the glass.

Advantage: Even

C: Kaleb Tarczewski (7-0, 255, Fr.) vs. Damen Bell-Holter (6-9, 245, Sr.)

This is yet another intriguing matchup for Tarczewski because Bell-Holter is a player that likes to get down low and score a decent amount of his ten points per game off rebounds. Tarczewski may not be a big scorer, but he is easily Arizona's best post defender and should have a major impact on the game considering the way Oral Roberts plays. Figuring he can keep out of foul trouble, we don't see either player getting a big edge here.

Advantage: Even

Bench: There really is not much of a comparison here and this should be another game in which Arizona's bench plays a big role. Mike Manghum will see time at guard for the Golden Eagles, but he is a completely one-dimensional player. In fact, Manghum has attempted 19 shots this season and 18 of them are from three, where he is shooting 44 percent. Korey Billbury is another guard that will see minutes and does a little bit of everything, but nothing spectacular. The key here is that Arizona has size that Oral Roberts just can't match off the bench. Kevin Parrom and Grant Jerrett are easily better than anything the Golden Eagles present.

Advantage: Arizona

Coaching: Sean Miller vs. Scott Sutton

Sutton is a good coach for the level that Oral Roberts is at and may be the best coach in school history. However, when you have a mid-major coach that has won some and still remains at the school, you do have to wonder if there is more to it. Miller did not get out-coached by Billy Donovan and, no offense to Sutton, but he is not getting out-coached here either.

Advantage: Arizona

Prediction: The big question here is how Arizona will come out after giving so much emotion to the Florida game. It would not be a surprise to see this as a closer game than some people expect because of that energy and having to turn around and play so quickly against a team that obviously is not as good as Florida. Overlooking Oral Roberts would be a mistake and if Niles gets going, this game becomes much closer than it probably should be. The Golden Eagles are solid rebounding team, but not nearly as strong offensively as Arizona. The guess here is that Arizona's ability to score in so many ways is the difference, but this truly could be a dangerous game.

Arizona 78, Oral Roberts 67

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