Jerrett getting closer to potential

Grant Jerrett started the season slowly, but is not getting closer to reaching his potential. Read on to see what Sean Miller says about his performance, what makes him special, and more.

Grant Jerrett may not have been the most highly rated player to come to Arizona in the 2012 class, but there were many scouts that felt he was the most ready. Although Jerrett started a bit slow this season, his performances against Florida and Oral Roberts have showed a glimpse of what he can become in the future.

"Grant, for a long period of time, might have been our team's best player in practice," Miller said. "But early in a guy's career, sometimes it doesn't translate into the games. Tonight (Tuesday) was more about what we see all the time (in Jerrett). He's a really good shooter. He's one of our team's best shooters.

"He had a couple of inside baskets tonight which was great to see, but he does that in practice, and he's long, especially on defense. He can do a good job of defensive rebounding. Who you saw out there is who we've seen for a long period of time."

Jerrett won Arizona's first gold jersey of the season, which is given to the player that performs the best in practice. His performance the past few games is something that has not come as a surprise to the coaching staff.

"Sometimes you just need that ball to go in the basket, to have that good play happen," Miller said. "He had that happen for him in the Florida game.

"But Grant is just a phenomenal kid. He's one of the most unselfish kids that I've ever been around, and it's only a matter of time before his talent will take over, and he played an excellent game for us tonight. Certainly the best game of his career."

In addition to Jerrett, Brandon Ashley had a strong game as well. Senior Solomon Hill says that a lot of their success has to do with how they approach each game.

"They just stay with it," Hill said. "They're two patient guys still learning, still finding their way in the offense. Grant had a great shooting night, and Brandon was efficient. They keep growing, keep learning the system."

Jerrett admits that with success comes fun. However, he takes the same approach to every game and practice, which is a serious one.

"It's all seriousness out there," he said of Arizona's practices. "It's not something to mess with. We all take basketball really serious. It's like a job to us."

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