Wildcats not content with early success

Arizona may be undefeated, but that does not mean it is content with where it is at. Read on to see its thoughts on getting better, working harder, and more.

After defeating Florida this past weekend and running through Oral Roberts in the following game, it would be understandable if Arizona was completely happy with its results. While the Wildcats are obviously happy with being undefeated, the general theme after every game seems to revolve around a shared belief that this team could still play much better.

"There was a huge part of the game that we played very well on offense and defense," Sean Miller said after Tuesday's win. "There were also times when you hold yourself to a higher standard."

When Miller talks about a higher standard, he is likely referring to Arizona's inconsistency with turnovers. Somehow, Arizona had more turnovers in games with Southern Mississippi and Oral Roberts than it did in a game against Florida.

"We need to play as well as we are able to without undermining our skill," Miller said. "The turnovers have nothing to do with the other team, but have to do with our decision making and sloppiness."

After going scoreless against Florida, Brandon Ashley was able to come out and put together one of the best games of his young career. After the game, Ashley downplayed his performance as if it is something that is to be expected each time he plays.

"I just wanted to keep the same mindset," Ashley said. "Whether my shot is falling or not, I just want to go out and play hard, play good defense, and rebound. I played better this time. That's it."

Every member of Arizona's team knows that in order for the Wildcats to maximize their potential, there is going to have to be extra work beyond the regular games and practices. Even if it is extra shooting, this year's team seems to be more invested than teams in year's past.

"It's nice having other guys be just as good as you are," Grant Jerrett said. "We go at it at practice and then afterwards Brandon and I shoot together. We work hard in practice and it works out for us."

Arizona may currently be undefeated, but it is not done improving by any means. Even in victories, Miller and company go right back to the drawing board in order to improve for the bigger picture of winning a championship.

"We worked very hard to be 9-0," Miller said. "We weren't perfect tonight. We did some really good things, but the things we didn't do so well at we will learn from."

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