Jenkins to transfer

Now that Daniel Jenkins has graduated, he will look to play football elsewhere. Read on to see the impact of the transfer, where Arizona will look to next, and more.

Arizona announced on Wednesday that running back Daniel Jenkins would be transferring after graduating this past weekend.

Since Jenkins graduated from Arizona, he is free to transfer to any school in the country without penalty. The assumption is that Jenkins will be looking at smaller schools in order to guarantee that he will play right away.

Jenkins' career is a mixed bag of sorts, as he only had eight carries as a freshman. The next season, Jenkins was able to get the ball 31 times for 176 yards and two touchdowns.

Going into his junior season, there was some more hype behind Jenkins because of the assumption that he would be getting the ball more in the new offense. While that was the case, not many saw Ka'Deem Carey's record-breaking season coming.

Still Jenkins had two of the best games of his career this season. Against South Carolina State, he ran 12 times for 76 yards and a touchdown. In the game against the Sun Devils, Carey got hurt and Jenkins gave a valiant effort replacing him, as he gained 78 yards on 21 carries.

Jenkins finished the season with 67 carries for 293 yards and those two touchdowns while leaving Arizona in good standing.

The bottom line here is that Jenkins was not going to get the amount of carries that he wanted, especially if he envisions himself at the next level. Jenkins is a solid back that had a decent career at Arizona, but he is going to have to go to a smaller school, such as New Mexico, if he is going to get the carries and exposure that he wants.

As for what it means for Arizona, the backup running back spot is now completely up in the air. Conventional wisdom says that the backup spot will go to Jared Baker or Kylan Butler, but J.T. Washington redshirted this season and will be right there competing with those two. In terms of being a fit for the offense, we would probably give the advantage to Washington because he is easily the most shifty back of the three.

The wildcard here could be Pierre Cormier. You would assume that Cormier would redshirt if Jenkins remained at Arizona, but he is such a good player that Arizona may not have any choice but to give him carries right away.

The best aspect of all of this is that Arizona has Carey for at least one more year, but the competition for the spot behind him will certainly be fierce.

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