Wildcats showing resiliency

Arizona has been able to bounce back against Florida and San Diego State among others. Read on for Sean Miller's thoughts on why, who has impressed him in doing so, and more.

Whether or not Arizona has played up to its potential or even close to it is up for debate. However, one aspect of Arizona's basketball team that is not up for debate is the fact that it is able to battle through adversity within a game.

"SDSU is just a very good team and a hard-playing team, physical and tough-minded," Sean Miller said Tuesday. "Tonight was a real test for us to see if we could match that toughness.

"One of the things that our team has shown through 12 games is we're resilient. We have a good heart. We really care and we play the game hard."

While skill-level is one of the biggest factors towards winning a game, Miller believes that being able to bounce back also goes a long way towards determining an outcome.

"Those are all good things," Miller said of being resilient. "Sometimes that means more than how good of a shooting team you are. Or how skilled you are. That can make up for a lot of that."

One great example of Arizona's attitude is senior Solomon Hill, who has improved in every year since arriving to Arizona and was able to put together a solid all-around game against the Aztecs.

"I give Solomon a lot of credit," Miller said. "If you saw him as a freshmen and saw how far he's come, how hard he's worked. When he first came to Arizona he had a lot to learn defensively. I would say he was a lot more ready on the offensive end than he was on the defense.

"Through years of hard work and especially this offseason, he's been in fantastic condition and his defensive effort not only in this game, but throughout the 12 games, is one of the reasons we're 12-0."

Arizona struggled at times against Florida and San Diego State among maybe a few other games as well. However, the Wildcats have continued to find a way to win ball games.

"No question we knew this was an opportunity to play against a very good program and a great team," Miller said after the SDSU game. "So it means a lot to beat them. And if we would have lost this game I thought we fought really hard. You're not going to win them all.

"I'm really proud of our efforts. We've really had to negotiate through some bad times. We had different lineups out there, had Mark in foul trouble for the majority of the second half.

"We played small, but we just stayed with it and that's one of the characteristics of our team. We did the same thing in the Florida game where it looked like we weren't going to win but we stayed with it and found a way."

Arizona is likely going to lose a game or two this season, if not more. However, it is also going to win others because it does not give up and although it is early in the season, the Wildcats are finding ways to win.

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