Parrom happy with role

Arizona head coach Sean Miller says that senior Kevin Parrom has returned to form. Read on to see what else he says, why Nick Johnson gives him credit, and Parrom's reaction to all of it.

Depending on who you ask, the play of Kevin Parrom has been a surprise this season. While he has always had talent, injuries have kept him from reaching his potential. However, one person that is not surprised by his play this season is Arizona head coach Sean Miller.

"Kevin to his credit and I said it last year and I think it fell on deaf ears a lot because you were able to watch Kevin, but nobody realized that he was about 50 percent of who he was," Miller said. "If Kevin Parrom would have been anywhere near a year ago where he is physically and mentally today, we probably would have won three or four more games last year that we didn't. We were playing with someone who was just a mirror image of himself."

Now, Parrom has been one of Arizona's best player and you can make a legitimate case that the Wildcats would have at least one loss without him this season.

"He has returned to form," Miller said. "His play in Hawaii and some of his big plays he has made, he is a huge reason why we are undefeated right now because he has been a consistent player and he does a lot of things."

Miller is not the only member of Arizona to praise Parrom, as guard Nick Johnson was also quick to point out how big of a factor Parrom has been this season.

"He has been amazing for us this year," Johnson said. "Coming off the bench this season he has been instant offense with his shooting ability. He definitely provides a spark off the bench, getting offensive rebounds, defending, and scoring. He has been huge for us."

Parrom knows that he has been successful this season, but downplays that success by giving credit to the rest of his team.

"I can't take all the credit," Parrom said. "I have to give some credit to Nick Johnson, Solomon, Mark, and all the other leaders. I think I have been playing really well coming off the bench as the sixth man, having a sixth man type of role.

"I love bringing that spark off the bench. That has been me since I have been here. I feel like I have played well, but there is still room for improvement for myself and the other leaders on this team. I think the sky is the limit and Pac-12 play should show that."

While some seniors may not accept the role that Parrom has, the senior says that Arizona's success is the most important aspect of his season right now.

"I don't care if I am a sixth man, 12th man, or starting," he said. "We are 12-0 right now. I have nothing to complain about. We are winning and I think we all get credit or some type of stardom for it. I don't get too involved with starting or sixth man or whatever. I just want to win and I think everything else will take care of itself.

"I am in the game when it counts. I couldn't care less if I started. As long as I am in when it counts and contributing, that is all that matters."

That belief by Parrom is part of the reason why Arizona has been successful this season.

"We just want to win," he said. "I think it showed in the big game we had against Florida and San Diego State and the other games. We have a bunch of unselfish guys and I think everybody says that is the difference from last year and this year.

"Everyone has their role, everyone knows their role. I love my role. Some people can't accept their role as a senior coming off the bench as a sixth man, but I couldn't care less because we are 12-0."

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