Postgame Analysis: Utah

The Arizona Wildcats defeated the Utah Utes by just three points on Saturday afternoon. Read on for a closer look at the win, including who the player of the game was.

Arizona won by just three points against Utah and struggled throughout the game. The Wildcats did come away with the victory in the end, fighting for it until the very last possession. Here is an analysis of the game:

Player of the Game:

#44 Solomon Hill – The senior played the most minutes in the game and earned each of them. With nineteen points, Hill was by far the best player on the court. He only had six rebounds and one assist, turning the ball over three times, but Arizona would not have won without his presence in the game. Time after time, Hill would hit a big shot, stopping Utah's upset attempts.

Key Moments:

  • Brandon Ashley opened the game with Arizona's first seven points. It helped the Wildcats to jump out to a early 7-3 lead and made sure that they never trailed.

  • The Wildcats started the second half slow, letting Utah pull within five. Arizona used a series of possessions to go on a 7-2 run, pushing the lead back to ten, making it harder for the Utes to get back into the game.

  • Down the stretch, Arizona struggled to put Utah away and let the game get too close for comfort. With a minute left in regulation, the lead was whittled down to just one. Neither team could score before the shot clock was turned off and a pair of Mark Lyons' free throws was the final points of the game.

    General Thoughts:

    For the second game in a row, Arizona played below its potential, but managed to win the game. Throughout the afternoon, Lyons and Nick Johnson struggled to get anything going offensively and it hurt the Wildcats. They combined for just 2-9 from beyond the arc with backup guard Jordin Mayes missing on all three of his shots.

    It is clear that the offense is going to run through the guards and if they struggle, Arizona will find it hard to score. Hill and Kevin Parrom were the go-to guys in this game, but against better teams the Wildcats will need more production from other positions.

    Sooner or later, Hill is likely to have a bad game and if there isn't anyone else being productive, Arizona will have a hard time winning.

    Sean Miller Quotable:

    "We are not playing well," Miller said. "We are nowhere near where we need to be. Sometimes you hit a peak when you're playing so well and think no one in the country can beat you.

    "Once in a while you don't play well and are reminded of how difficult it is to win every game. We got through a weekend here where the difference was very few points, but we were able to win both. We will be able to learn from these."

    Wildcat Quotable:

    "Teams are giving us their best shot," Parrom said. "We have to understand that we have a bull's-eye on our back. We have to be tougher from here on out since we are number three in the nation and undefeated, everybody needs to understand that. We have to play harder; nobody is giving us anything easy."

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