Arizona recognizes need for improvement

Arizona has not lost yet this season, but that does not mean that there is not room for improvement. Read on to see Sean Miller's thoughts on this past weekend, why Kevin Parrom believes teams are playing well against Arizona, and more.

Arizona has not lost a game all season, but you would not know it by the reaction of its fans and sometimes by its coaches as well.

The Wildcats were able to defeat Colorado and Utah by close margins this past week and UA head coach Sean Miller was not happy with the performances.

"We are not playing well," Miller said. "We are nowhere near where we need to be. Sometimes you hit a peak when you're playing so well and think no one in the country can beat you. Once in a while you don't play well and are reminded of how difficult it is to win every game.

"We got through a weekend here where the difference was very few points, but we were able to win both. We will be able to learn from these."

Kevin Parrom has been relatively consistent this season and while he did not want to make excuses about the way Arizona has played, he does believe that teams get up more when they travel to McKale.

"Teams are giving us their best shot," Parrom said. "We have to understand that we have a bull's-eye on our back. We have to be tougher from here on out since we are number three in the nation and undefeated. Everybody needs to understand that. We have to play harder; nobody is giving us anything easy."

Solomon Hill agrees with that feeling, but said after the Utah game that the Utes should be getting some credit for how they played.

"That's only half of it," Hill said. We watched film on Utah and they had a different defense on us. We were at home and it would be different if we were at Utah.

"We played at their pace and took away all of our fast breaks. Our defense was lacking and that was our number one problem tonight. It's a give and take and we gave away a lot of threes and we need to work on our defense."

While Arizona has yet to lose, there is still a feeling among the team that the Wildcats can be a much better squad.

"We have a great group of guys but we can get a lot better," Nick Johnson said. "We've escaped with some tough wins, but we're going to go back to practice and get better."

There aren't many, if any, teams that have had as many close games as Arizona this season. Winning those games have plenty to do with skill, but Parrom won't hide the fact that luck has played a role as well.

''We pulled out another lucky one," he said after Utah. "We've had a lot of lucky ones the past couple of weeks.''

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