Position Review: Offensive line

Arizona's offensive line went through numerous injuries, but was consistent throughout the season. Read on for a look back at how the line did and a peak into the future of it as well.

This Year

Addison Bachman: Most of Bachman's playing time came with Kyle Quinn out due to injury and there really was not much of a drop off with him in. One of the biggest memories of Arizona's season will be Bachman crying on the field after Arizona defeating USC, as the Trojans recruited him and never wound up offering. Bachman was primarily a center and was a big part of what Arizona wanted to do in terms of being able to move guys around.

Mickey Baucus: Baucus started every game of the season and the left tackle was one major reason why there was consistency in Arizona's offensive line. He was able to add veteran leadership to a line that often lacked experience and numerous linemen credited him throughout the season.

Trace Biskin: Biskin started six games for Arizona and probably had his best season as a Wildcat. The right guard was just as consistent as any other lineman and his growth from freshman to senior year became apparent this past season.

Cayman Bundage: Bundage started one game this past year and while it seemed that his future would be at center, the coaching staff determined that it would move him back to guard. Bundage's playing time went down a bit as the season went on, but that is not much of a surprise because it is difficult for a young lineman to contribute.

Fabbians Ebbele: Ebbele had a slow start to the season, but wound up starting every game. He had major expectations going into the year and was considered to be one of the best linemen in the country. Whether or not he reached those expectations is up to debate, but Ebbele continues to be consistent and one of Arizona's best run blockers.

Chris Putton: Putton started nine games just as he did last season, but seemed to be a much better player this season. He is another guy that was able to move around on the line, playing both left and right guard, and this was probably his best season at Arizona.

Kyle Quinn: Quinn suffered an injury and started nine games this past season. He was exactly what Arizona fans have come to expect, often being one of the most vocal linemen. In fact, he was probably the spokesman for Arizona's offensive line and seemed to take the leadership role with pride. Quinn was consistent this season and deserves credit for being the anchor when healthy.

Shane Zink: One year after starting three games, Zink started eight this past season. He basically switched off with Putton and was able to play both guard positions. Zink deserves credit for the progress he has made, because it is difficult to believe he would have played as many game as he did this season. Arizona would not have let him play if he was not doing well and it is nice to see Zink go out with success.

Who's Gone: Addison Bachman, Trace Biskin, Kyle Quinn, Jowyn Ward, Shane Zink

Who's Back: Jacob Arzouman, Mickey Baucus, Eric Bender-Ramsay, Beau Boyster, Cayman Bundage, Fabbians Ebbele, Faitele Faafoi, T.D. Gross, Zach Hemmila, Lene Maiava, Chris Putton, Trent Spurgeon, Carter Wood

Who's Coming: Jacob Alsadek, Logan Stott, Steven Gurrola

Outlook: The first question that has to be answered with the offensive line is about the coach that it will have next season. However, the coach will not matter much in the overall scheme of things, because Arizona is still going to go with the same style of play.

It is easy to assume that Baucus will be the starter at left tackle and Putton will be at left guard with Ebbele at right tackle. After that, it is going to be a bit more open. Biskin and Zink got the majority of time at right guard, but both graduate. At center, Quinn and Bachman are gone and it appears that Stott and Gurrola will be competing there.

Both players are able to come in and successfully play right away, so no matter who starts, it would be a surprise if both players did not play significant. Gurrola may have a slight advantage because he is a bit older, but Stott is such a good player that he is going to have a chance as well.

One option for right guard is to have Putton move there permanently and then have Bundage remain at left guard, which is where he ended the season. Putton played plenty of right guard last season, so there would not be a major drop off.

Another player to watch out for is Jacob Arzouman, who should be healthy for spring ball. Arzouman impressed the coaches before he went down with a knee injury and was slated to play center or guard before he was forced to miss the season.

Either way, there is going to be plenty competition on the line and with Rich Rodriguez wanting to have plenty of depth on the offensive line, it may not matter much who starts because there will be so much playing time available.

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