Miller holding players accountable

Arizona has not lost a game this season, but Sean Miller wants to hold his players accountable for their inconsistency. Read on to see how he will do that, his thoughts on the freshmen, and more.

It is no secret that Sean Miller was not happy after Arizona's close win over Utah, but he decided to take a moment in the post-game press conference to call out his players.

Although his language was not all that harsh, Miller was blunt when talking about how Arizona performed last week.

Miller did not choose to only call out the freshmen, but believes that players like Grant Jerrett, Brandon Ashley, and Kaleb Tarczewski eventually become more than guys with limited experience.

"Freshmen eventually cross the line where they are no longer freshmen and they are just players," Miller said. "We have a couple of guys that have to play better right now. I am not just pinpointing to the freshmen, just across the board."

Miller made the point of stating that it was not only offensive performance that can lead to change, but defensive as well.

"You start shooting into 28 percent and you've played 14 games, you are going to have to ask me why I did not play him," Miller said. "I'm not going to play him. If we are not going to guard a certain position very well and we are halfway through the season then I am going to shrink his minutes."

When dealing with Arizona's inconsistency, Miller says that Arizona's players just simply have to get better.

"Guys have to get better, they really do," he said. "Brandon was really aggressive. Any time you are five for seven and you have 11 points that is great. Defensively, no question he struggled. Any fan can see that.

"Grant was outstanding against Colorado. I thought that was one of the best games he played and tonight he had a tough night. Kaleb gives you things because of his size that you can't take for granted. Seven offensive rebounds. That's a lot."

One frustrating aspect for Miller has been Arizona's lack of ability to close out when given the opportunity to do so.

"When you look at our second chance points (against Utah), we had 18 second shots and they had eight. We had ten points. You get 18 second shots and you only get ten points, there is something wrong. That is hard to do.

"You almost have to get an offensive rebound and fall out of bounds. We have to get offensive rebounds and put it back in, get fouled. You can't get an offensive rebound and get nothing out of it."

So what is the answer for Arizona's inconsistency?

"Either it is going to change or it is going to become different, but we are not going to keep making the same mistakes or dealing with the same thing," he said.

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