Freshmen showing progress

Saturday's performance by Arizona's freshmen may have been their best collective effort to date. Read on to see Sean Miller thoughts on where they are headed, what they have done so far, and more.

After Saturday's win over Oregon State, you could make an easy case that it was the best game for the freshmen so far this season. Grant Jerrett finished with six blocks and seemed to have the most confidence that he has had all season.

"I thought this was Grant's best game in Arizona," Sean Miller said. "He got six blocks in a game, and they weren't easy blocks, they were big play blocks.

"He has that length and it seems like every time we go through a new experience, there's one of those freshmen who seems to improve."

It is also no coincidence that Arizona was able to come up with a win as opposed to when the freshmen did not play as well against the Oregon Ducks.

"That's one of the exciting things about our team, we have a number of first year players in key roles and hopefully they can continue to develop," Miller said.

"Brandon and Grant were much better tonight (Saturday) than they were against Oregon. Some of that has to do with Oregon, but they were better tonight, they were ready, they were physical and they helped us win."

Miller will be one of the first people to admit that the progress of the freshmen has been somewhat slow, but he also believes that they are all headed towards great things.

"They aren't going to come in and be the 3rd pick in the NBA draft in five months," Miller said. "That's fantasyland for 99% of athletes. But what they are, are really good players, great kids and I believe in one day, no question about it, they can head in that direction."

In order to do so, Jerrett, Ashley, and company must continue to work hard. The positive aspect of this is that Miller believes they have done so.

"It's a process and it's a process they are more than happy to go through," he said. "They work hard every day and as you can see tonight, they are immensely talented.

"As you grade our freshmen and look at them, they are going to continue to develop and become really good and I was happy with how they played tonight."

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