Balanced contributions helping Arizona

So far this season, Arizona seems to be a better teams when it is getting numerous contributions. Read on to see Sean Miller's thoughts on the team's effort as a whole, why Arizona is playing well, and more.

Arizona may have a handful of players that consistently stand out, but the general belief is that the Wildcats are much better when it is a team effort.

After the Arizona State game, Miller was quick to point out that he felt the win was due in large part to numerous players stepping up.

"I thought it was a total team effort," Miller said. "Solomon Hill, I thought, was terrific. When we needed a basket, when we really broke the game open, he had a lot to do with it.

"Mark Lyons and Nick Johnson also were tremendous throughout the game. It was our team defense and players playing in a big game on the road and playing with a lot of confidence."

One indication of how much other players stepped up is that Brandon Ashley was asked to guard Carrick Felix and did a great job in doing so.

"Brandon (Ashley), there's two different types of player he has to guard at his position," Miller said. "Some are more inside players, and a lot of face-up players. It's hard for a freshman, especially with his length, to always be comfortable doing both."

Not only is the team philosophy important during the games, but Miller stresses it in the week leading up to the game as well.

"It's hard to be 16-1, you guys know that, but we have a huge game coming up on Thursday," Miller said. "One of the things we did really well before this game is we practiced really well. We practiced hard, we watched film, and we tried to work on our weaknesses.

"Everybody showed up on time and worked and knew this was a big game, and we have to do that same thing all over again so when we get to Thursday, we're ready."

Solomon Hill agrees with Miller and while the win of Arizona State was nice, he feels that Arizona needs to be ready for each game.

"It adds on to it," Hill said. "If we can get a win here, anywhere in Pac-12 play. We want to be competitive this year.

"I really think other teams like UCLA, Oregon and Washington are showing out the gates that they're teams that you have to know. Getting a win here just adds on to it and we look forward to the next game."

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