Babiash enjoys official

Arizona commit Derek Babiash took his official visit this past weekend and came out impressed. Read on to see why, his future plans, and more.

Perhaps one of the best recruiting moments of Rich Rodriguez's first year was the commitment of Poway (Calif.) corner Derek Babiash.

Babiash's pledge sent a message that Rich Rodriguez plans to recruit with anyone, as he held offers from some of the elite programs in the nation.

The four-star athlete just visited UA this past weekend and came away enthused about the direction of the program.

"I had a really good time," Babiash said. "It basically reinforced everything I've felt all along.

"There was really good camaraderie with everyone and you just got the impression that everyone is all in trying to get better each day."

Babiash had an opportunity to speak with the coaches and they told him how they want him to approach his future at Arizona.

"I got to talk with the coaches and just see what they're all about," Babiash said. "Coach Rodriguez told me he wants me to come in and plan on starting. Obviously he isn't saying I will start, but he wants everyone to train like they are going to start.

"It's always good to hear coaches tell you the best players will play because that's the only thing a player can ask for, is a coach who will play the best players."

Until Babiash gets to college, he knows exactly what he wants to work on.

"The main things I want to work on are my strength and endurance," Babiash said. "For a defensive back, those things really go hand in hand.

"Arizona coaches like their defensive backs to play aggressive and you don't want to get pushed around and you want to be able to run with everyone. I want to put on weight, but I want it to be good weight."

In addition, Babiash will be thinking about his academic future as well.

"I'm not completely sure what I'm going to major in, but I'm leaning toward business or communication," he said. "Those are two areas I'm interested in and I will try to find out more about those subjects."

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