York and Chol trying for bigger roles

Angelo Chol and Gabe York were able to play eight minutes each on Saturday. Read on to see Sean Miller's thoughts on their season, how they can improve, and more.

Arizona may only have two losses this season, but there has been plenty of discussion about the players that have not been getting a lot of time.

Every week it seems that Arizona message boards have numerous threads and posts on whether or not Gabe York and Angelo Chol would ever see extended playing time this season.

On Saturday, the pattern of them not playing broke a bit, as York was able to get in for eight minutes, scoring seven points. Chol also played for eight minutes, recording a point, two rebounds, and a block.

For York, even though the playing time came in a blowout, Arizona head coach Sean Miller says that it is an indication of how York has been doing.

"He's a big, big part of our future," Miller said. "That's not just me talking. You watch him every day in practice and fast forward to year from now (and consider) who we lose."

One of the biggest obstacles for York has been his ability to defend. It is no secret that Miller requires maximum defensive effort and it is something that has even held Brandon Ashley back at times this season.

Miller believes that improvement on the defensive end will come with time, as York will improve with the more time he practices.

"It's just repetitions," Miller said. "He's not a big guy, so he has to be in the right place at the right time. But there's a difference in playing 30 minutes or eight minutes. Many times if you're going hard in those four to eight minutes, and you're responsible, it doesn't matter how big you are."

On the same note, Chol has handled his lack of playing time this season well, as Miller recently had a discussion about his future at Arizona.

"I was talking to him last week and told him where I want to play him, what his role is and that we still believe in him," Miller said. "He said, 'Coach, as long as we're winning you never have to talk to me.'

"Some guys may say that and as soon as they leave, they're on a different path. Angelo is really on that path. Angelo's future is extremely bright. What you see now and what you see down the road is going to be two different things. I promise you that."

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