Tarczewski looking for balance

Kaleb Tarczewski has been a consistent rebounder this season, but is working on his offensive game. Read on to see what Sean Miller says about that aspect, what he can improve on, and more.

Days after Kaleb Tarczewski struggled against UCLA, he put together a solid performance against USC that not only highlighted his potential, but also the fact that there is plenty of inconsistency that comes along with being a freshman big man.

Although Tarczewski has struggled on offense, Arizona head coach Sean Miller believes that Tarczewski's rebounding is the most consistent part of his game.

"He's not getting enough credit for how he's rebounding," Miller said. "Scoring is going to be part of his future. Maybe it'll be part of this year's future. But he'll get better in that area."

One of the reasons why Tarczewski is struggling to score more points is because he has not been a good free-throw shooter this season. Tarczewski's ability at the line is something that the Arizona coaching staff has been working with him on.

"If he was a better free throw shooter, he'd be a better scorer," Miller said. "That's also something we're working with him on."

Arizona has struggled a bit to get Tarczewski more touches, so it is not a coincidence that he was able to have success in a game in which he receives more possessions.

"It was really nice having seven shots and I was fouled a lot," Tarczewski said after the USC game. "It was nice to get the ball and kind of show what I can do, work on stuff I need to work on."

Many players may get frustrated in Tarczewski's position, but the freshman says that he realizes what kind of team he is on.

"There's so many great players on this team that sometimes you have to be unselfish," he said. "You really can't demand the ball."

Miller believes that Tarczewski has plenty of room to improve, but also has the ability to play well as he does it.

"You can't lose sight of (the fact that) while he's working on things that make him a better player and make us a better team, he also adds tremendous value along the way while he's doing it," Miller said.

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