Freshmen continue to progress

Arizona's freshmen have gone through numerous obstacles this season. Read on to see how they have handled it, their thoughts on reacting to a loss, and more.

There is always going to be inconsistency with freshmen and a perfect indication of this is comparing how Arizona played against UCLA and the success it had against USC.

"I think we might have been overly anxious for the UCLA game," Brandon Ashley said. "Knowing that was such a big game for us, they had some injured players on the team.

"I think we were too excited and that is why we came out to such a slow start. Everybody wanted to play so well that we ended up messing ourselves up."

Despite the inconsistency, the general belief is that Arizona is happy with the way that it has played so far this season.

"We're 17-2," Kaleb Tarczewski said. "We're happy with where we are right now. We are a great team.

"We obviously have a lot to improve on, but that comes with time and we are working hard every day and really honoring the process."

One of the most difficult parts of honoring that process is ignoring outside factors. In order to do so, Tarczewski says that the team is focused on the goal at hand.

"We're really focused on that we're a family," he said. "We are trying to keep it in our circle and focus on what we need to do to play the best we can.

"You saw how well we bounced back from that loss. We are looking to come ready every night and just be prepared to be the best team we can."

Arizona may lose one, two, or more games the rest of the season, but freshman Grant Jerrett believes that those losses are part of the process.

"Yeah, it is weird walking around and going to class after a loss," Jerrett said. "Obviously none of us like to lose and we're not used to losing. It is just something you have to deal with and learn from it and get better from it."

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