Getting to know Ryan Dunn

Ryan is able to play a variety of positions. Read on to see his highlights, some of his favorites things, and more.

Favorite NFL team: San Francisco 49ers

Player you model your game after:  Brian Urlacher

Favorite musician: Eminem

Favorite thing to do in spare time: Work out, skiing, wakeboarding.

Team looking forward to playing the most: Oregon

Favorite Food: Mexican

Favorite movie: Step Brothers

Role model: Dad

Best sports memory: "Probably the first day of freshman year, because e my eighth grade season I played football and I was really tall and clumsy and hadn't grown into my body yet. I came out in freshman football and the first day of hitting, I set the pecking order for the team."

Signing Day plans: "I'm going to do signing day at my school in my cafeteria because there are a couple of other kids signing that day. Then I am going to have a couple of close family members and people who support me over to have a little celebration dinner that night."

Click here to view highlights of Dunn's senior season.

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