Wildcats working to reach expectations

Arizona is well aware of the high expectations it has had this season. Read on to see how Sean Miller reacts to them, how the freshmen have handled a loss, and more.

Arizona may have lost last week, but that does not mean it is a pattern, which was something that Sean Miller was quick to remind the media of on Tuesday.

"We have only had two, so I don't have a lot of experience in that area other than when we have lost, we have bounced back quickly to get the next game," Miller said. "I thought the USC game was more of a telling response because you lose a game, the world is crumbling around you. The outside world does so many things to pull a team apart."

Miller's most important job may be working with the team to best handle when it loses, especially considering there have not been many this season.

"You have to be careful as the coach and as the team because you were just 16-1 40 minutes ago," he said. "Moving to the next game, I thought we got back to defense and we played together as a team."

The players that you would automatically worry about after a loss are usually freshmen, but Miller is happy to say that is not the case with his group of newcomers.

"Those guys are good," he said. "They are really the least of my concerns because one of the many positives attributes of this year's team is that the four newcomers, and you can put Mark Lyons in as the fifth new player, those guys really handle their business.

"They work hard every day, they are on a quest to get better themselves, they are eager to learn, and they practice hard, whether we win whether we lose."

Miller realizes that Arizona has always had high expectations and those have been set by the success of the Wildcats this season.

"Expectations are high," Miller said. "We set the bar high because we won 14 in a row. We are ranked high nationally and when we lose it is what's wrong and I understand and, with that, we are also getting a lot of teams' best shot.

"If you have a chance to play us, there are only three spots higher than that, so if you have a chance to beat the number four RPI team, think about what that does for your season. When we show up, we are really, to me, getting the other team's best shot for a lot of reasons and that is all part of being who we are today."

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