Breakdown: Arizona vs. Washington

Arizona will hit the road to play Washington on Thursday. Read on for a complete positional analysis, including a prediction.

PG: Mark Lyons (6-1, 200, Sr.) vs. Abdul Gaddy (6-3, 195, Sr.)

This is a matchup between two players with opposite styles. Gaddy likes to try and get into the lane and dish it out, as his shooting leaves a lot to be desired. He has only hit 41 percent of his field goal attempts this season, but the alarming stat is that he is averaging 3.5 assists to 3 turnovers each game. Considering what Gaddy's strengths are supposed to be, that is not a good sign. Gaddy fouled out against both Oregon schools and had a combined 8 turnovers. The defensive matchup with Lyons will not be any easier and he should have difficulty on both ends.

Advantage: Arizona

SG: Nick Johnson (6-3, 200, So.) vs. C.J. Wilcox (6-5, 195, Jr.)

Wilcox has scored in double digits in all but one game this season and has improved his scoring average in conference play. He was able to drop 27 on Stanford, 25 on Colorado, 23 on Oregon State, and has had numerous other solid performances. Wilcox is going to give Johnson everything he can handle and due to the fact that he is shooting 47 percent from the field and 42 percent from three, we can see a lot of defensive switching from Arizona. Johnson is obviously a good player, but Wilcox's ability to completely take over a game gives him the advantage here. Arizona is going to need Johnson to play one of his best defensive games of the season, because UW can't win if Wilcox struggles.

Advantage: Washington

SF: Solomon Hill (6-7, 220, Sr.) vs. Scott Suggs (6-6, 195, Sr.)

Considering Suggs' strength is supposed to be his shooting, he has struggled a bit in that area this season. He is making 40 percent of his shots from the field while hitting 38 percent of his three-point attempts. Suggs does have the potential to get going offensively, but he has struggled to find any sort of consistency. He has failed to shoot above 40 percent in his last six games and has struggled against the better teams he has faced this year. Hill should be able to contain him defensively and may be too strong for Suggs to guard. This is the type of game where Hill needs to go on the road and be aggressive in the lane because he certainly has the ability to do so.

Advantage: Arizona

PF: Brandon Ashley (6-8, 235, Fr.) vs. Desmond Simmons (6-7, 220, So.)

Simmons scores the majority of his points off of rebounds due to his athleticism. He averages eight rebounds per game and the biggest responsibility Ashley is going to have is keeping him off the glass. The advantage in this matchup really depends on how you look at it. Simmons is the better rebounder and Ashley is the better scorer. However, Ashley's rebounding numbers really are not that much lower than Simmons and the way that we view it, the offensive potential Ashley has gives him the advantage here. There is little chance that Simmons is going to score a lot of points, as shown by his single-digit scoring in the last 11 games. However, there is always a chance that Ashley is going to be able to put a strong offensive game up and that is why we give him the nod here.

Advantage: Arizona

C: Kaleb Tarczewski (7-0, 255, Fr.) vs. Aziz N'Diaye (7-0, 260, Sr.)

Tarczewski will be able to match N'Diaye's size, but the UW center looks like he has finally put it together this season. He is averaging nearly ten points and ten rebounds while shooting 63 percent from the field. N'Diaye sometimes struggles in a high-paced game, but he has been more consistent than Tarczewski and deserves credit for it. Tarczewski has the ability to slow him down on offense, but we would be surprised if he completely outplays N'Diaye.

Advantage: Washington

Bench: Andrew Andrews has shown glimpses with a 17-point game against Oregon and 15-point game against Utah. However, he has also had other games in which he was a complete non-factor. In addition to Andrews, the Huskies will play Shawn Kemp Jr., who is strong around the basket and is also coming off a solid game against Oregon. Kevin Parrom and Grant Jerrett should be able to match the production of both and because Parrom is the best of the four, we're giving Arizona the slight advantage here.

Advantage: Arizona

Coaching: Sean Miller vs. Lorenzo Romar

The Huskies have lost three in a row and are struggling. Sean Miller has his team playing some of the best basketball in the country, despite a loss last week. Romar has done well against Sean Miller in Washington, but he also had more talented teams. We doubt this game comes down to coaching, but if it does, Miller should have an advantage.

Advantage: Arizona

Prediction: Washington has not been kind to Sean Miller and Arizona, but eventually bad luck has to come to an end. Arizona is the better team here and UW does not match up as well as it has in the past. Wilcox is going to be the key here, but a guy like Solomon Hill and Mark Lyons should be able to come close to matching his scoring. The key here will be that Arizona starts well because if it does not, all bets are off. We're guessing the game is close at the half, but Arizona pulls away midway through the second and comes up with the win.

Arizona 78, Washington 72

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