Wildcats looking to avoid slow starts

Arizona has been plagued by some slow starts this season. Read on to see what Solomon Hill says is the reason for them, how to avoid it, and more.

Arizona has had numerous types of games this season. It has had a few in which the Wildcats started out fast and others in which Arizona struggled out of the gate.

While Arizona has been able to overcome the majority of its slow starts, they are definitely something that Arizona wants to fix sooner than later.

"It's a factor of us," Solomon Hill said. "You could say they're going out there and making us turn the ball over, but we're passing the ball into deflections, we're losing it on drives."

Hill believes that Arizona's slow starts have frustrated Miller because there is only so much the head coach can do.

"It's a factor of what we're doing and he (Miller) only sees so much of what we're doing on the court, and it kind of hurts him, and it hurts the team," Hill said.

Although Hill is looking to avoid the slow starts, he does feel that he knows what they can be attributed to.

"It's been hurting us," he said. "It's a factor of us finding a rhythm early on. This happened against UCLA where we we're not connecting."

In order to work through that difficulty finding a rhythm, Hill would like to see Arizona become a better passing team.

"I think it has a lot to do with our passing game," he said. "When we're passing things become easier, instead of just one-on-one ball, trying to beat our man and get to the rim." On the bright side, Arizona was able to get out to a fast start against Washington State and Miller attributes a lot of that to the same player that has been critical of the slow ones.

"To be able to move forward and get a win says a lot about our team," Miller said. "It says a lot about Solomon Hill. I believe he is one of the best players in college basketball."

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