Signing Day Awards: Best Defensive Player

Arizona was able to land numerous defensive players that are highly ranked. Read on to see which one the staff feels is the most ready to contribute.

Michael Luke: Babiash figures to challenge for playing time immediately. Although the current group of corners made some impactful plays last season, they were inconsistent and an infusion of talent is certainly welcomed.

Babiash will get an opportunity to play right away and because he is more pf a physical corner, he will add an element that Arizona's defense does not have right now.

In addition, Babiash is still a bit raw and will improve with good coaching, which is what he will get at Arizona.

Jason Nimrichter: Defensive tackles often go unnoticed, but that doesn't mean they can't make a significant impact on the defense.

Luca Bruno possesses a very big frame for a prospect who hasn't reached college. At 6-foot-4, 282-pounds, Bruno is already as big as a NFL defensive lineman and he is likely to gain strength under the UA coaching staff.

At a position that is desperate for quality players, Bruno could be just what Jeff Casteel needs to anchor the middle of the defensive line in the very near future.

Cody James Martin: One of the real crown jewels of this recruiting class is Derek Babiash. While he had a minor injury this high school season, he recovered from it quickly and bounced back.

With the Arizona secondary in the state that it is currently in, it is easy to say that Babiash can come in and play almost immediately if he works hard enough.

With his 6-foot-1, 170-pound frame, the cornerback will make a name for himself sooner rather than later.

Jason Scheer: The most intriguing aspect of Devin Holiday is the fact that he was a better player his senior year than he was his junior year, which means he is improving.

Holiday is already a great athlete, but he was definitely physically stronger this past season and it paid off greatly.

If you mix Holiday's increased strength with his athleticism and ability to make things happen, it is easy to see why I believe he will make a major impact before his career at Arizona is over.

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