Signing Day Awards: Early Impact

Arizona has plenty of players in this class that can contribute right away. Read on to see who the staff feels is the most likely and why.

Mike Luke: This is an easy scenario to envision playing out. Anu Solomon showed a tremendous command of his high school offense and there is no reason to believe he won't be able to quickly adjust to Rich Rodriguez's offense.

Fans should temper their expectations though because Solomon doesn't have the speed or arm strength of Matt Scott.

That is not to say that he will not develop it, but he is still a freshman quarterback that is going to need time to adjust to the increased level of competition.

Jason Nimrichter: With the departure of Matt Scott and a group of inexperienced players fighting to replace him, Anu Solomon has a chance to come in immediately and battle for the starting quarterback job.

He will be in a tough battle with B.J. Denker, Jesse Scroggins and Javelle Allen for the job, but Solomon is the type of quarterback who doesn't get bothered by the pressure (considering his performances this past season on national television) and he has a natural set of gifts that make it very plausible for him to start from the very beginning.

Cody James Martin: With a new class, Anu Solomon is the most likely to contribute right away.

There are question marks at quarterback for Arizona and the incoming freshman should likely get the starting nod over JC transfer Jesse Scroggins.

Solomon almost perfectly fits the hole that Matt Scott left and his upside gives him an edge over the other competition.

Jason Scheer: Steven Gurrola or Logan Stott is likely to start right away with the other getting immediate playing time.

I am going to guess that Gurrola gets the starting nod because he is coming from the JC ranks, where he was able to get more experience than Stott.

Gurrola is physically ready to contribute right away and while he may not wind up being the best offensive player in the class, it just makes a lot of sense that he will have an impact on the offensive line in his first season.

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