Miller aware of Colorado's capabilities

Arizona will play Colorado on Thursday. Read on to see Sean Miller's thoughts on the game, Colorado's possible extra motivation, and more.

Almost immediately after Arizona's previous win over Colorado, there was some thought that CU would circle Thursday's game on its calendar. Now that the Buffs will get their rematch, Arizona head coach Sean Miller knows that it will not be easy.

"Colorado is a really good team," Miller said. "They are playing very well. A year ago we went up there and I thought it was one of the best environments that we had played in and I am sure it will be every bit that this year and most importantly we are playing against an excellent team."

Miller is not sure that Colorado will approach this game differently because he feels that every conference game is equally important.

"They could," Miller said when asked if CU will take a different approach. "I know that every game in our conference is a big game though, especially at home. You don't want to drop one of those and it is disappointing when you do. Five of their last seven games are at home and they have always been a good home team."

After Colorado lost to Arizona, it played some of its worst basketball of the season. Miller believes the inconsistency is something that simply happens during the season.

"It is a long season," he said. "I don't know if our game had anything to do with the games after ours. Every team has those peaks and valleys through the long course of the season.

"There are times when you feel you are playing your best. There are times when you struggle and when you struggle, you really try to get back to being who you are."

Now that Colorado is playing better basketball, Miller feels that its success starts with its point guard.

"Spencer Dinwiddie is coming off an incredible game looking at what he did at Oregon State," Miller said. "He didn't miss a shot. He's just a terrific guard, very capable of having a big offensive night.

"He has great range on his shot, he really pushes the ball in transition. It seems like with each week that they have played, he gets more and more comfortable."

One player that may enter Thursday's game with a little extra motivation is Sabatino Chen, who saw his buzzer beater against the UA taken away.

"I would imagine one of the things you admire about Sabatino Chen is that he is a total team player," Miller said. "He does whatever they need him to do and he is scrappy, you know he plays with incredible effort, he is unselfish.

"If he scores points for them, to me that makes them even better, but he can be effective without scoring points. He seems to be a very good defensive player, smart kid and a type of guy that every team would love to have."

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