Johnson working to get back on track

Nick Johnson has been slumping offensively a bit as of late, but is working to bust out of it. Read on to see how he is going to do that, his thoughts on Colorado, and more.

Nick Johnson has struggled offensively in his past few games, but it does not seem to be having an effect on his current mindset. At this point, Arizona head coach Sean Miller believes that it is simply a matter of Johnson not being able to play well every game.

"He's been so rock solid for us through 20 games, 21 games," Miller said. "I think the last couple games, it is just difficult to play well every single game. Not that he played bad, he had five assists and no turnovers last game, but we need him to score.

"We want him to be a double figure scorer, but what makes Nick so valuable to our team is that he can do so many things. I fully expect him to get back on track here the next trip."

Playing at Colorado may not be the best scenario for Johnson to improve due to its hostile crowd, which is something that he remembers from last season.

"They have a great crowd," Johnson said. "From my experience last year, I know they are definitely excited to have us there and then definitely because of how the last game turned out."

In addition, Johnson believes that there is a chance that Colorado is going to look at Thursday's game differently. However, that may not be the case for Arizona.

"Nobody wants to lose in that way in overtime or anything like that, but at the end of the day it is just a game," he said. "We're going to prepare for it the same way we would prepare for any game. We can't really control what they do. It's just how we come out and play."

Johnson battled the flu during the game against Washington State and although he is healthy now, Johnson does admit it took him a bit to recover.

"It's been pretty much the same, just trying to get better and feel a little bit better," he said. "I am still practicing the same and everything like that and trying to get back on track."

In order to get back on track and avoid continuing his small slump, Johnson has a good idea of what he has to do.

"Keep on playing," Johnson said. "Just play my game honestly. Just play hard on defense and then everything else will come."

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