Hill ready for Colorado's best shot

Solomon Hill believes that Arizona is going to get Colorado's best shot. Read on to see what he says about how Arizona can match it, the team's mentality, and much more.

Solomon Hill may not admit that the Pac-12 is having one of its best years since he arrived at Arizona, but he does acknowledge the fact that the conference has been wide open.

"It's competitive," Hill said. "My freshman year halfway through we were tied for first with Cal. This is what you expect from a good conference.

"Some teams are going to be ready to play other teams and some teams are not, but you have to try and set a pace for your own team. We have to take care of every game, one game at a time."

One aspect of conference play that has not changed for Hill is the belief that Arizona is going to get every team's best shot.

"I think everybody should expect to be at the top," Hill said. "We put forth the effort. People understand you are going to get everybody's best shot. Guys are going to be ready to play against you guys.

"Everybody is making a big deal about the Colorado game, but are they making a big deal about every game that they play?"

With Arizona facing Colorado on Thursday on Thursday, Hill realizes that it is important that the Wildcats match the Buffs' intensity.

"Guys on our team have to know that everybody is going to give us their best shot just because we are Arizona and our body of work throughout the year," he said. "You have to take that head on.

"You have to be ready for a crowd like at Colorado. If those guys come out playing extra hard, we have to match their intensity. We have no more excuses for it. We have to go out and play hard."

In addition, Hill is going to keep getting extended minutes because Sean Miller believes that gives Arizona its best chance of winning. For Hill, those longer minutes are nothing to worry about.

"You feel like you're one of the best guys out there and you want to be out there regardless," he said. "When crunch time starts to hit, you don't really worry about getting tired anymore. It's about winning the game and doing all you can to pull the 'W' off."

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