Arizona still has issues to resolve

Arizona defeated Utah on Sunday but, after the game, Sean Miller still talked about numerous issues Arizona currently has. Read on to see what those are, Miller's thoughts on the Utah game, and more.

Arizona was able to defeat Utah on Sunday and although it was nice that the Wildcats were able to end their two game losing streak, Sean Miller was not necessarily all smiles after the game.

The Wildcats played well in the first half and it appeared that Arizona would come up with a blowout win over the Utes.

"I thought in the first half our defense was as good as we have played this year," Miller said. "When you look at Utah in the first half, they shot only 37 percent from the field and made two three-pointers.

"Most importantly when you play really hard together, you don't foul. Utah is an excellent free-throw shooting team and we only gave them three chances in the first half."

However, the story was different in the second half. Arizona allowed Utah to get back into the game and much of what it did in the first half successfully was not happening in the second half.

"The second half was much different; they made five of eight threes and got to the foul line 15 times," Miller said. "To me, we wore down and weren't responsible with the lead."

Miller attributes that belief to a feeling that Arizona lacked the attitude and mentality to put Utah away.

"We didn't try to smother them and break it open," he said. "Instead we fouled and gave up open shots."

This is not the first time that Arizona has failed to put a team away and although Miller was disappointed in the finish, he did choose to look a bit forward after the game.

"We keep putting ourselves in the same position this year, which is a one-possession game going down to the end," he said. "For our team, it is a matter of where we go from here."

Still, Arizona was able to come up with the win despite playing an inconsistent game. However, the issues at hand will need to be fixed if Arizona wants to make a run in the tournament.

"As you know, winning on the road is hard, and what Larry has done with this team is remarkable," Miller said. "I don't think any team in our conference enjoys the trip to Utah because they know it is going to be a tough battle.

"We are happy with the win, but our team continues to make the same mistakes we made two months ago and we have to get better as we move forward if we want to accomplish something special in March."

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