Breakdown: Arizona vs. Washington

Arizona will face Washington on Wednesday night. Read on for a complete breakdown, including a score prediction.

PG: Mark Lyons (6-1, 200, Sr.) vs. Abdul Gaddy (6-3, 195, Sr.)

If you took a look at Gaddy's shooting in the first matchup, you would assume that he played better. However, he was never really able to get a good grasp of the offense against Arizona and turned the ball over six times. Lyons turned the ball over three times and only had one assist, but he seemed to be just as productive as Gaddy. In reality, we don't think either player is going to have a big advantage. Lyons is more likely to have a higher point total than Gaddy and Gaddy is more likely to finish with more assists. A big advantage here and the team that has it likely wins the game.

Advantage: Even

SG: Nick Johnson (6-3, 200, So.) vs. C.J. Wilcox (6-5, 195, Jr.)

Wilcox went from a player who was among the best in the conference to one who is struggling a bit. He did score 24 against Oregon State, but only had 9 against Oregon and 8 against USC. In addition, in his last nine games, he has only shot above 43 percent once and that was in the Oregon State game. Wilcox's potential is still high and with Johnson struggling offensively as well, we will give Wilcox the advantage. If Johnson can limit Wilcox like he did in the first meeting when the UW guard shot 4-16 from the field, Arizona's chances of winning increase dramatically.

Advantage: Washington

SF: Kevin Parrom (6-6, 220, Sr.) vs. Scott Suggs (6-6, 195, Sr.)

Suggs isn't hard to figure out, as he is a scorer that really does not do much else. The problem with this is that when he is struggling to score, he is somewhat irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Suggs has scored four points in three of his past four games and is only shooting 39 percent from the field. Although Parrom has struggled with his perimeter defense a bit, there is no reason why he shouldn't be able to slow down Suggs. Parrom basically matched Suggs' performance in the first matchup and played ten less minutes. Frankly, we would be surprised if Parrom did not wind up with the advantage here.

Advantage: Arizona

PF: Solomon Hill (6-7, 220, Sr.) vs. Shawn Kemp Jr. (6-9, 255, So.)

Kemp has the ability to score in bunches, but he can just as easily disappear. Hill's biggest responsibility is going to be keeping Kemp away from the basket, because he really is not much of a shooter. However, where Kemp excels is on the glass and he is a threat to score off offensive rebounds. Hill is easily the better overall player, but a good performance by Kemp will help the Huskies tremendously. Hill would be smart to take Kemp off the dribble, as he went 5-8 inside the arc in the first meeting and missed his four attempts from three as well. There is little reason why Hill should struggle in this game if he plays to his strengths.

Advantage: Arizona

C: Kaleb Tarczewski (7-0, 255, Fr.) vs. Aziz N'Diaye (7-0, 260, Sr.)

N'Diaye has put up some ridiculous rebounding numbers as of late with double digit rebounds in five of his last six games. Tarczewski on the other hand has seen his production decrease as of late as Arizona is working more with a smaller lineup. Tarczewski actually plays well against bigger players, so it would not be a surprise to see him have a solid game here. N'Diaye is a good player, but Tarczewski does have the potential to basically match him, as he showed in the first game between these teams. We will go with potential here, but this is a big opportunity for Tarczewski.

Advantage: Washington

Bench: Washington uses two or three players off the bench, but none of them are likely to have a major impact. Brandon Ashley would be the best player off Washington's bench and the bigger storyline here is how many minutes Sean Miller will play Gabe York after saying he would in the media. Andrew Andrews and Desmond Simmons are going to get about 15 minutes to lead the Huskies from the bench, but it would be a surprise if either were one of the deciding factors in the game.

Advantage: Arizona

Coaching: Sean Miller vs. Lorenzo Romar

Unless Washington wins the Pac-12 tournament, the Huskies are going to miss the NCAA tournament. In addition, Washington does not seem to be getting any better next season. Romar will not be fired, but this is one of the first seasons where he has faced real criticism.

Advantage: Arizona

Prediction: It is hard to imagine this game being any uglier than the first meeting between these two teams. Both finished with 17 turnovers, shot about 36 percent, and had numerous bad plays. This is a much bigger game for Arizona than Washington and we're guessing Arizona responds. Although the Wildcats have not been outstanding at home, Arizona should be happy to return back to Tucson. The UA matches up well at the right positions and figuring it keeps the Huskies off the boards and shoots a bit better, it should be able to come up with the win.

Arizona 74, Washington 67

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