Process pays off for Arizona

Arizona remained patient in its recruitment of Parker Jackson-Cartwright. Read on to see how that patience paid off, how the process played out, and more.

If there was one item regarding Arizona's recruiting that was not a secret, it was that the Wildcats desperately needed a point guard for 2014.

On Sunday, it got that point guard, as Los Angeles Loyola point guard Parker Jackson-Cartwright made his decision to become a Wildcat.

The five-star guard puts to rest any concern about Arizona's point guard situation going forward. There has been speculation for months as to whether or not Arizona would seal the deal with PJC and much of it started with his visit for the Red and Blue game.

"I like Arizona a lot," Jackson-Cartwright said at the time. "I feel like it would be a good place for me. I'm not going to lie, I think it really would be. Everything is going well; I would probably see myself there, but we'll see."

Jackson-Cartwright enjoyed the Arizona trip, but was not ready to make the decision at the time.

"It's not that anything is stopping me," he said. "I just think I'm still loyal to other schools. I'm waiting for something else, but I don't know what that is. I feel like it's just too early for me; I don't feel like I'm ready to make a decision right now."

One big factor that Arizona has had in their favor is the impression that Sean Miller has made on Jackson-Cartwright's parents.

"They love their program, but they also really like Arizona, especially my mom," he said. "My mom loves Coach Miller, which is a big thing for me. When your mom likes the coach, it's obviously a good thing. And she loves the city."

If this recruitment taught us anything, it is that Sean Miller is somebody that should not be doubted. While there was skepticism among Arizona fans as to whether or not the coaching staff could get it done, it remained patient.

That patience paid off with the perfect piece to the puzzle that is the 2014 recruiting class. Arizona now has its first piece and it is one that is extremely well-respected and could be the first domino to fall.

PJC is obviously a talent, but his commitment means more than that. It means that Arizona can continue to go in to Southern California and get the best talent. It may be more difficult when UCLA and USC make new hires in the next few months, but it will never be impossible.

Not long ago, Sean Miller told the media that he recognized how important it was to land a point guard for 2014. Now the proof is in the pudding and Arizona can look to make its next step in what should be a great recruiting class.

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