QB position wide open heading into spring

The quarterback position will be watched closely heading into the spring. Read on for Rich Rodriguez's thoughts on his quarterbacks, what he is looking for, and more.

There will be numerous storylines regarding Arizona football this spring, but none may be as closely watched as Arizona's quarterback situation.

Unfortunately for Arizona, the depth at the quarterback position will be lacking in the spring, as Anu Solomon has yet to arrive to campus and Jesse Scroggins is out with an injury.

"Jesse Scroggins had foot surgery, probably something he needed to get fixed earlier in his career," Rich Rodriguez said. "We had a choice. We could have tried to play with it, but we'd rather have everybody at 100 percent in August.

"He'll be very limited this spring. We're not sure what he can do. He won't be in any full-contact practices, but he will be able to sit in meetings and learn schematically what we want to do."

Rodriguez does not intend to have a starting quarterback once the spring ends, but does have a specific goal in mind.

"It's not so much about finding a starter; it's about finding guys we can win with," he said. "We hope to find two or three at every position. I don't know if we're there yet. It may take us a couple years recruiting and development to get to that point.

"At quarterback, we're looking for two or three guys we can win with and I don't know if we have that. That's a question. I don't know if we'll have that answer after spring. We do have some guys I'm looking forward to working with and the competition gets enhanced in August."

One quarterback that will arrive with a lot of hype and expectations is Solomon. Although he will not participate in the spring, Rodriguez says that the freshman quarterback will not be at a major disadvantage once he arrives.

"The spring is important, but it's only 15 practices," Rodriguez said. "I think in the days of 20 practices and they were all full pads, it was a little more valuable. Plus your players weren't around in the summer. Now, kids can come in the summer and train with the team.

"I think they teach each other a lot during the summer. You're a little ahead as a quarterback or any position if you're here in the spring, but not so far ahead that a guy can't come in and win the job."

B.J. Denker is the only quarterback on the roster that took snaps last season and Rodriguez says he is curious to see how he does during the spring.

"I've been doing this long enough that I know whether a guy is progressing enough and if we can win with him," Rodriguez said. "B.J. Denker has proven himself a little bit. He's already played some, but he's the only one.

"He's got to get better, but I know he's working pretty hard. I'm anxious to see how much better he's gotten. We're not adding anything this spring, no wrinkles, nothing we want to experiment with. We really just want to work on fundamentals."

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