Miller keeping perspective

Sean Miller was disappointed after the loss to UCLA, but also had some perspective. Read on for his thoughts on the loss, where Arizona goes from here, and more.

There was plenty of disappointment surrounding Arizona after its loss to UCLA on Saturday night. Not only did it seal up a sweep at the hands of the Los Angeles schools, but it also basically ended Arizona's chances at winning a conference title.

"We're disappointed because we set out a long time ago to win this conference," Sean Miller said. "I think you guys that cover us know it's a matter of several plays right now that are preventing us from winning it."

Arizona's defense has struggled as of late and Saturday was no different, as there were numerous times in which the Bruins were able to get easy baskets.

"We're still not a very good defensive team," Miller said. "If you look at UCLA's numbers it's not good enough to win but we, again, had a different feeling. Sometimes a guy like Shabazz (Muhammad) can come off a stagger screen, be defended and make the shot. And at the end of the (shot) clock, Larry Drew really is a handful."

Miller does not want to point at the UCLA game as the day Arizona fell out of the Pac-12 race, as there were a handful of other games in which the Wildcats should have won.

"We competed and again if we would have had that type of effort a few other times in recent weeks, we would have lost tonight but still had the opportunity to win the conference," he said. "What cost us the conference regular season championship wasn't losing to UCLA tonight was much as it was a number of times over the last few weeks where defensively we just weren't good enough."

At this time of year, there is a ton of attention being paid to the bracket predictions for the NCAA Tournament. A few weeks ago, it seemed as if Arizona was competing for a two seed and now the Wildcats are being mentioned as a four or a five with the possibility of falling more.

"I know at one point we were a two seed, but I don't know if we're good enough to be a two seed," Miller said. "We may have played for a large part of the season at that level, but at the end of the day you look at us and we're probably not one of the top eight teams in the country. Maybe we're one of the top 25. I think for us it's just about finishing strong and keeping things in perspective."

In terms of perspective, Arizona's focus will now turn to its final regular season game against Arizona State.

"Big-picture-wise, when you're entering game 30, the goal for us is to go 24-6 and 12-6," Miller said. "If we're 24-6 and 12-6, we look at ourselves and that's pretty good for us, going into Vegas, being able to feel good about ourselves and hopefully getting a bye. Then play three games in three days, and then see how that goes and then play for the coveted seed."

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