Arizona focusing on itself

Arizona may not know who it is playing in the first round of the Pac-12 tournament, but it does not seem to matter much. Read on to see why that is, the approach the Wildcats are taking, and more.

Although Arizona will not know until Wednesday who it will be playing in its first game of the Pac-12 tournament, the opponent does not seem to matter as much as the overall mindset.

"It is so much about us," Sean Miller said. "Whether we play Oregon State or Colorado, it is these three days leading up to the tournament where we get ready and we're playing really well and playing really hard."

Mark Lyons agrees with his coach and believes that if Arizona is able to execute, it should advance in the tournament.

"We just worry about ourselves," Lyons said. "We can only control the things that we do. Regardless of who we play, we just have to be ready and come out like we did last game with a lot of defensive intensity.

"We're more worried about ourselves. We feel like if we do the things that we know we can do right, we will win the game."

As Arizona takes the next few days to get ready for Vegas, it is taking the approach of getting ready for only the things that it can help.

"It is just about us working hard and playing really hard in practice, working hard on the things that are going to work on both teams," Miller said. "We don't know who we are going to play and that is not for us to worry about."

In addition, Miller feels that the fact that Arizona has lost in the finals two straight years will act as motivation for this year.

"We have experienced that disappointment on the last day," he said. "I think that is a motivating factor. Sometimes that team that has more to prove and a chip on their shoulder has an advantage and hopefully we have that going on for us as well."

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