Miller frustrated after loss

Arizona lost to UCLA on Friday night and Sean Miller was frustrated to say the least. Read on to see his reaction to the loss, refs, and more.

After Friday's loss to UCLA, it was clear that Arizona head coach Sean Miller was frustrated to say the least.

Miller was given a technical foul at a crucial part of the game and it seemed to switch much of the momentum in UCLA's favor.

"The reason I got a technical foul is because I said he touched the ball," Miller said. "He touched the ball. Like in other words, Mark Lyons dribbled and by the way when you show the replay here on ESPN in a few seconds, he touched the ball.

"He touched the ball. He touched the ball. He touched the ball. That's a hard one now when you work August, September, October, November, December, January, February, and here we are."

Arizona's head coach did not want to take anything away from UCLA, but did go back to the technical foul when discussing how it played out.

"The respect that we have for them, Ben Howland, the respect that I have for him as a coach, you can't have any more respect," Miller said. "They do a great job and tonight was just a heavyweight battle between two teams that are really good. I'm proud of our team's effort.

"We played well enough to win, but we just at the very end didn't have enough plays. Keep in mind now, I gave them two points. They didn't earn those two points. Me, I gave them two points. The score was 66 64."

In addition to the technical foul, UCLA went to the line more consistently than Arizona, which made it difficult for the Wildcats to make progress at times.

"Jordan Adams shot more free throws than our entire team," Miller said. "We have two first team all conference players right here in Solomon Hill and Mark Lyons. They didn't shoot a free throw in the whole game.

"Credit UCLA for putting themselves in a position to get fouled. I think he got fouled three or four times in a row, couple over the back, couple of physical fouls that could go either way. Didn't go our way tonight and that happens."

When discussing Arizona turning the ball over at some crucial moments, it was still difficult for Miller to get away from the free-throw differential.

"I think if you look at the difference in the game other than the two points that I gave them on the technical foul for saying what I said, they were 17 for 21 from the line," he said. "We were 7 for 9.

"When you have one team that gets 21 free throws and does a great job getting to the line, and you take that from us, you start looking at the stat sheet, that, and their turnovers, they do a great job of not turning the ball over is the reason that we lost. That, and again, you've got to keep this in mind, I gave them two free throws." When asked if he was able to get an explanation of the technical foul, Miller's answer was simple.

"They don't talk to me," he said. "So much of what happens is you're in March, and everybody's being super evaluated, the coaching box, the bench standing up. Everyone's really, really tight because there is so much at stake.

"It's just difficult, man, when you invest hundreds of hours, in Solomon's case, thousands of hours. And if I cuss and I'm out of control and I've been warned, shame on me. But when I say he touched the ball, he touched the ball because quite frankly, I thought two of them could have maybe gotten together and explained that, in fact, he did touch the ball. That's what I was hoping for. That technical right there is hard to swallow."

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