Hill ready to lead

Senior forward Solomon Hill discusses the freshmen, momentum, and more. Read on for all the latest from Hill as Arizona gets ready for its opening game of the tournament.

Although Arizona did not win the Pac-12 title, Solomon Hill feels that the Wildcats are still playing some of their best basketball of the season.

"It started when we played in Los Angeles," Hill said. "We had a week to prepare for Arizona State and we had the same type of mentality against ASU. Then, we just brought it in the Pac-12 tournament.

"Ever since that game in Pauley Pavilion, we've been playing with a different mindset and playing harder. If we had a few shots go our way, we might have had a different outcome in the tournament. On the defensive side, we're almost getting there."

Not only is Arizona playing well, but the Wildcats' motivation may be at its highest point of the season.

"We're going to rally behind our coach regardless of any situation," Hill said. "You look at the situation we are in with me, Kevin [Parrom], Mark [Lyons], Max [Wiepking] and Quinton [Crawford] are at our last games. The big players are playing great basketball.

"Nick Johnson is getting back to form. You will be motivated as a coach to see your team play great basketball and have another opportunity to chase the opportunity to cut the nets down. Our coach really saw in our performances from last week that we're getting back to where he wants us to be."

Hill will act as the veteran of Arizona and believes that the freshmen will have to learn about the postseason on their own.

"With the tournament, you can't really speak on it," he said. "You have to let them experience it themselves and guide them in the right direction. The main thing that I tell them is to have fun.

"This is the game you love during the biggest time and this is everything that you've worked for. Don't let it get to you and just go out there and play your game."

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