Miller spreads praise after win

Sean Miller had plenty of praise to go around after Saturday's win over Harvard. Read on to see what he said about his guards, the win, and more.

Sean Miller has once again led Arizona back to the Sweet 16 and after the win over Harvard, attributed the Wildcats advancing to their effort on both sides of the ball.

One player in particular that stood out to Miller is Jordin Mayes, who was able to play extended minutes due to injuries and foul trouble.

"Jordin Mayes' performance today with a couple of guys who got injured, Kevin fouling out, we needed him to play his best and he's stepped up the last month," Miller said. "Today he played a really strong game on offense and defense."

On defense, Arizona was able to shut down Laurent Rivard, who was a big reason why the Crimson was able to upset New Mexico.

"New Mexico treated him more as a frontcourt player, a four man, and a lot of teams did," Miller said. "But it's hard to compare one team's game plan to another because it's about who you have on your team, and our personnel is much different than New Mexico. They play two really true frontcourt players, so how they game plan and how we game plan may be different."

In addition to containing Rivard, Miller wanted to make sure that Arizona was able to handle harvard's ball screens correctly.

"That was the starting point, and then other ball screens and just what they do offensively, we played it very conventional, played it as a team," he said. "That was also a big part of our success. We did that well, too.

"Our guys on the quick turnaround really executed what we wanted to do, and I thought early in the game Harvard had a couple of good looks. We broke down, and they missed them. Sometimes when you get off to a slow start, it's like you're playing catch up the entire game, and I think that had something to do with our defense as well."

Arizona point guard Mark Lyons played one of the best games of his career and Miller took time to credit him for Arizona's success so far.

"Mark is filled with confidence and when he gets his confidence going, it's contagious on our entire team," Miller said. "He's been in the tournament; there is no game he hasn't really played in other than an Elite Eight or Final Four.

"I don't know if you guys realize this, he's been on four teams that have touched the Sweet 16. My last year at Xavier, he was a partial qualifier. He practiced every day and that team made the Sweet 16. He didn't play in the games. Obviously, he played in two others at Xavier and now when you think about this, it's four times he's been in the next round. I think it's remarkable. Really, it shows you how talented he is and it also shows you the bigger the game, to me, can really bring out the best in him."

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