Arizona's mentality contributes to win

Arizona went into Saturday's game making sure it was not taking Harvard lightly. Read on to see how that contributed to the win, who Mark Lyons credits for his performance, and more.

Going into the Harvard game, one thing that Arizona knew for a fact was that it would not overlook the Crimson.

"It's March Madness," Solomon Hill said. "Anybody can win and that's the mind set. Our coaches do a great job of preparing us for the team we're going to play, and we play defense. It doesn't matter the name on the jersey. It's more about what we want to do on defense. You can't take anybody lightly; any game can go any way and that's the way we look at it.

"Like he said, Harvard beat a good team two days ago and we knew they were capable of beating anybody," Mark Lyons added. "It's not the name on the jersey. We went out there and played them like any other team we have to face."

Lyons played one of the best games of his career on Saturday and afterwards gave much of the credit to his teammates.

"Honestly, you know, today my teammates got me great shots," he said. "It wasn't individual plays that got me shots and things like that. It was drive and kicks, back screens, back screen lobs, and Jordin throwing the pass and great screens from Solomon. My teammates got me the ball in the right position, and I was able to make shots today."

In addition to giving his teammates credit for what they did offensively, Lyons was quick to point out that Arizona's guards were strong ondefensively on Laurent Rivard as well.

"Honestly, it was Nick and Jordin," Lyons said. "That's one of the coach's strategies going into the game. A lot of people guarded him with their four man, and that pick and pop was killing.

"So, you know, Jordin and Nick, we put them on there. Every time he set a screen we switched and they did the things we were supposed to do. Coach's philosophy, we followed it and it worked out for us."

Arizona will now head to Los Angeles for the Sweet 16 and no matter who the opponent it, the Wildcats are happy to be in a familiar place.

"It's always great to play close to Tucson," Hill said. "It's a place where our fans can travel and it's LA, so people will want to go out there. I think when we played in Anaheim it was a great feeling; it felt like McKale, and hopefully we can do the same thing in LA.

"We have a great fan base in LA playing in front of our friends and family and the fans coming out, traveling," Mayes added. "LA is a good site, so it's a great place to have our fans there cheering for us."

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