Thursday's game more about Arizona

Arizona has plenty of respect for Ohio State. However, Sean Miller has been consistent in saying the tournament is more about what Arizona can do as a team. Read on for his thoughts on Arizona's shooting, leadership, and more.

Although Sean Miller has shown plenty of respect to Arizona's opposition, he has not changed his belief that at this time of the year, much of Arizona's success has to do with itself.

One of the more impressive aspects of Arizona's first two games is that it shot the ball well, which is something that it did not do at times this season.

"We've been a very good three-point shooting team," Miller said. "For the season, we've been around 37%, which is pretty good, and we hit a slump for about three weeks where we had certain players at the same time not making shots. That's part of the reason we finished second in the Pac-12. That's a difference between 12-6 and 13-5.

"I talk a lot about our defense, but we had a period of games where it didn't seem like the ball would fall. Prior to our conference beginning, we came into the Pac-12 shooting really well. I think we have a talented team in that area.

"This weekend I think we returned to form. We made some threes and we had a number of guys contributing. Jordin Mayes is a good example of someone who is shooting the ball well. Kevin is really shooting the ball well. When Mark takes good threes and knocks them in that helps us as well. Solomon has really been the constant and same thing with Nick, who has been playing with a lot of confidence. I named five or six different players there, and Grant Jerrett. That's one of our team's strengths that we can hit a three at a number of spots."

Mark Lyons played one of the best games of his career against Harvard and although it is difficult to know what to expect on Thursday, Miller believes his experience is helpful.

"He has great experience in the tournament," Miller said of Lyons. "Think about the game we're going to play on Thursday, he has played in that game already two times. That's to our advantage, like their team where they have a number of guys who have been in this round, we do too.

"Maybe not to an extent of Ohio State, but we are depending on those experienced players to perform well. Mark will be a real key in this game."

While it seems apparent that Solomon Hill will guard Deshaun Thomas, Miller insinuated that may not be the case. In addition, he also had plenty of positive things to say about the senior Hill.

"I don't know if we can put Solomon on Thomas, maybe we can somewhat," Miller said. "He's big and physical, and I'm sure Solomon will draw him some. Solomon has been a great player for us. I'm just so excited for him that he has a chance to finish his career where he is at a winner. 27 games and in the Sweet 16, and hopefully we will have a few more games left here.

"He has led our team from start to finish. His intent and his will to win, and how he practices and carries himself. Like Aaron Craft, where a lot of his intentions are contagious for Ohio State, Solomon represents a lot of those for us."

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