Hill looking to extend college career

Solomon Hill met with the media on Wednesday. Read on to see how his attitude is contagious, his thoughts on Ohio State, and more.

Solomon Hill has been known as one of the leaders of Arizona this season and he is now ready to hopefully lead his team to an Elite Eight.

On Wednesday, Hill downplayed the fact that Thursday's game is at the Staples Center, but did admit that it has generated some excitement.

"I watched a lot of games on TV," Hill said. "I wasn't a huge fan of the Lakers, but it's a little different. As you get older, you start to understand the magnitude of games when you play inside a building like the Staples Center. I think we've played Pac 10 Tournament championship games in here, but it's going to be a different atmosphere, kind of like the one we had in Anaheim a couple years ago.

"It's exciting. I think guys live up to the moment. I think Cheeks has really stepped up for us big in the crunch time, and I look forward to seeing a different crowd when we play here in the Staples Center tomorrow."

Hill has had the gold jersey for the past few weeks and believes that his practice attitude has worn off on his teammates.

"I think it's the biggest thing, and it's been the key reasons why we start off the way we have been in the past two games," Hill said. "Rebounding has been a big thing of the difference in games and limiting guys to second shots and just getting the team started off in the first four minutes."

In addition, the younger players understand that every play counts and one missed play could be the difference between a win and a loss.

"Just getting the younger guys to understand that every time you step on the floor, you leave it all out there, kind of how I do it in practice," Hill said. "If you're slacking in practice, they're going to make an example out of you. It's just to prepare you for a game like this.

"Every possession matters. It doesn't come down to the last ten seconds of the game. It's the whole build up to the end of the game, so guys can't just turn it on. You have to turn it on in the beginning if you want to finish that way."

In terms of the challenges Ohio State poses, Hill was quick to point to what the Buckeyes can do defensively.

"There are certain things that they do that other teams have done," he said. "They down ball screens. The first two teams we played in the tournament do the same thing, so it was all about just keeping the same reps that we did in practice. They have a couple big guys. We still like to get the ball down low to our bigs and really get them going. I think Kaleb, Brandon, and Grant have been playing magnificent for us.

"We just have to stay with what we do. It's not really about what they do on defense. It's about how we execute on the offensive end."

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