Hill, Lyons look back after loss

Mark Lyons and Solomon Hill took some time after the game to reflect on the loss to Ohio State and their season. Read on for their thoughts on both and more.

Arizona had numerous players step up for it on Thursday and although the Wildcats did not come out on top, there were a handful of individual performances that allowed Arizona to have a chance to win.

Mark Lyons finished with 23 points and although it came in bunches, the point guard says that much of that had to do with what his teammates were doing.

"Honestly, you know, the other guys on my team got going," Lyons said. "It wasn't nothing they really did actually. It's just my teammates started going after the first half. Nick and Solomon had big time shots and in the second half I forced the issue a little bit to get back on a hot start. It didn't work in the beginning."

Defensively, Arizona made the decision to switch on ball screens, but Ohio State was able to present mismatches that posed problems for the Wildcats at times.

"(Deshaun Thomas) is a mismatch nightmare," Solomon Hill said. "He's playing against our four, our 6'10" forward that's not used to guarding guys on the wing. Deshaun Thomas takes up space on the post and on the outside, and those guys feed off of their defender.

"I think early on, especially in the second half, LaQuinton got to the free throw line by driving past our 6'10" bigs and our seven footers and got to the line. When you start knocking down free throws, you get yourself going; and that's why he was in rhythm for the three. When you play a guy like that, two guys like that at the 4 and 5, it's really hard to match up with their size."

Both Lyons and Hill saw their career come to an end on Thursday and Lyons expressed gratitude after the loss.

"The only thing I regret is not getting past the Sweet Sixteen, because I've been here so many times and I just feel like I can't get over that hump," Lyons said. "But like he said, I've got no regrets. I played with a great bunch of guys this whole year who had a lot of faith in me, and I'm just happy they accepted me to come into their program and try to help them win."

Hill had a bit more difficulty describing what it felt like to have his time at Arizona end.

"I don't know," Hill said. "It really hasn't hit me yet that the season is over and I'm done at the University of Arizona. But I'm just thinking back on the season we had, playing with the group of guys that I'm playing with. You know, starting off in the summer when we got Mark on campus, and we were taking the trips to the Bahamas. It was a close knit group. Just for it to end like this, it's a little weird."

In terms of expectations, Hill feels that the Wildcats met them and more.

"I think we competed well," he said. "I think we did better than some people thought we were supposed to. We had some lapses in the year, but we picked it up when we were supposed to.

"We played a great Ohio State team. I give them all the credit. They knocked down the free throws when they were supposed to. I think Amir Williams was a much needed force for them. He got some offensive rebounds and got them going; and everybody keyed in for them. Deshaun Thomas really got going early on, got me into foul trouble.

"I think our team competed. We gave up the run in the second half, but we put ourselves in a situation to tie it up. Mark had to lay up the and one and made the free throw, and we put ourselves in position to possibly try to win the game. They just made more plays than we did."

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