Denker looking to solidy spot

B.J. Denker is looking to solidify his spot in the quarterback rotation. Read on for his thoughts on the recent scrimmage, his spring so far, and what his head coach thinks of his progress.

As spring football continues to progress, the quarterback position remains wide open. At this point, B.J. Denker is probably the best signal caller that is seeing action, but the competition will open up even more once Jesse Scroggins is ready to go and Anu Solomon is on campus.

Denker is fine with the way that the competition is playing out and does not want the belief that he has earned any type of spot in the quarterback depth chart.

"I don't want the position given to me and I don't think it should be," Denker said. "Competition makes you a better player and makes the team better. I'm fine with it being open; I don't want (Coach Rodriguez) giving me the job. I want to earn it."

That mentality is helping Denker compete each practice, as he knows that nothing is secure in terms of his possible future as Arizona's quarterback.

"Anytime I get in the game in practice, I'm going to try to show him that I'm the best man for the job and that he can win with me," Denker said of Rodriguez. "That's how I take every snap."

Arizona had a scrimmage this past Friday and Denker threw for 176 yards with four touchdowns to one interception.

After the game, Rodriguez was pleased with Denker's performance, but said that he has actually played better throughout the spring.

"He's taking charge a bit, being a bit more vocal," Rodriguez said. "He has played better in other scrimmages than he did in this one.

"He was off a little bit in some respects; some of it wasn't his fault. He'll keep working to get better because it's important to him."

Denker did not disagree with his head coach, as he says that he wants to focus more on being able to get his receivers the ball.

"There are a couple throws I'd like to have back," Denker said. "I made the right reads, but I need to make sure I deliver the ball. I just have to learn from those, see what I did wrong and get better." Quarterback may be the focus of the spring for many fans, but it certainly is not the only position that is open for competition.

"What we're looking for are more guys we can win with on both sides of the ball, but especially on defense," Rodriguez said. "We did not play nearly enough guys on either side of the ball last year. Ideally, we'd want to play 21-22 guys.

"Some of the freshman class, incoming class are going to have to play because of numbers. Some of these guys have five spring practices left to prove we can win with them."

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