Aaron Gordon: A history of evaluations

Aaron Gordon may be an elite prospect, but he has also improved in the past few years. Read on to see a complete look at how he has grown as a player from 2009 until now.

Aaron Gordon is Arizona's newest commit and one of the most highly rated players in 2013. Although he has been looked at as being an elite player for a while now, Gordon has also improved his skills. We put together numbers evaluations of the five-star prospect in order for Arizona fans to see just how far he has come.


"The brother of Drew Gordon looks like quite a prospect. A year young for his grade, Gordon already stands 6-foot-5, possibly 6-6, and has an impressive skill set. His jump shot looks good, but it's his touch around the basket that caught our eye. Rebounding is also an area he excels in." – Evan Daniels


"It's been nearly a year since our last look at this talented prospect out of San Jose (Calif.) Mitty. Since then he's grown nearly two inches, added muscle to his frame and has turned it up a notch. An active combo forward, Gordon spent time corralling rebounds, facing up defenders and running the break. Perhaps his best attribute on Saturday was his ability to pass, but he also proved to be a talented scorer whether he was facing the basket or not." – Evan Daniels

"Returning from the injury he suffered at the Peach Jam, Gordon didn't look quite back to normal, which was to be expected. Still his versatility was on display against Team Loaded. Gordon is different from his older brother – Drew – as he's more versatile and plays more of a combo forward type role. He's a pretty good athlete that will finish drop off passes above the rim, he's a quality rebounder and he's developed into a pretty good shooter from mid-range." – Evan Daniels


"The versatile power forward was a complete difference maker for the Soldiers. He gave great effort on the glass and had several huge baskets when things got close. Add in that Gordon showed a solid skill level in the mid-range and it is easy to see why he is one of the elite players in the class." – Brian Snow

"Quite simply there aren't many good answers in high school basketball for what Gordon brings to the table. He was a man on the glass coming up with several huge rebounds, especially on the offensive end, and then he also alters and changes shots on the defensive end. With his explosiveness, Gordon can't be stopped near the rim, and his handle is so good he led the break at times. Overall there was nothing that could really be done to stop Gordon.

"The talent that he possesses is just off the charts. His second jump is so quick and his athleticism is so impressive, that he just gets rebounds that virtually no other player can get. Also he has a nice touch out to 16 feet, and is capable of making threes and handling the ball in transition. His performance was a very impressive one in a tight game win." – Brian Snow


"Gordon's athleticism and tenacity on the glass have never been questioned, but if he makes plays with the ball like he did on Friday night, defenders will be in a world of trouble. After a slow first half, Gordon got comfortable shooting in the second half, to the tune of three, 3-pointers, and also showed an improved handle in traffic and solid vision. While the added outside dimension was nice, Gordon still used his superior strength and athleticism to finish or draw contact near the hoop, including his trademark reverse dunk." – Scott Phillips

"It doesn't get much better than Gordon was on Friday. Still not 100 percent healthy, Gordon was absolutely dominant for the Soldiers in two games. His athleticism is better than ever, and now he is also making threes. Add in that he was impossible to keep off the offensive glass, and Gordon is someone who more than solidified his spot in the top five, and is priming himself for the conversation of the top spot in the rankings. He was simply that good." – Brian Snow

"It's alarming just how good Aaron Gordon is despite playing fresh off an injury that kept him out a few months. He was terrific on Thursday, consistently attacking the basket from the perimeter, finishing strong around the rim, rebounding, playing hard, defending, handling the ball and stepping out and shooting. Gordon's overall athleticism, motor and consistently improving skill should make him a lot of money playing basketball." – Josh Gershon

"I only saw Gordon play one game in Las Vegas before his oblique injury sidelined him, but it was extremely impressive. His explosive athleticism, superior offensive skills and great motor make him the top prospect in the west regardless of position for 2013. He's the rare power forward that can make both finesse and power plays. He's got a solid stroke out to the stripe, and he can use his ball skills to maneuver around defenders, but he also has the power and strength to just go right through them. He won't be in college for long." – Greg Hicks


"Unfortunately Aaron Gordon didn't have any help against Lone Peak. Despite the blowout loss, Gordon managed to impress in a major way. An explosive athlete, Gordon had the highlight reel play of the weekend when he caught an ally-oop one-handed and viciously threw it down on a defender. He dunks everything around the rim, but he's also skilled enough to step outside and hit 22-foot jump shots. At 6-foot-7, Gordon is always active on the glass, defends well and is a pretty good passer. Gordon finished with 27 points on 13-for-25 shooting. He also reeled in 12 rebounds." – Evan Daniels

"There may not have been anyone on the west squad who had a better day than Gordon. He had his usual array of highlight reel dunks – including an effortless breakaway windmill jam – but also displayed a versatile game.

"Gordon hit a three, scored off the offensive glass, got out in transition for some easy buckets, rebounded, defended and blocked shots. His size, athleticism and motor were overpowering for everyone who tried to stand in his way." - Josh Gershon

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