Kern learning new position

Josh Kern has made the move from quarterback to tight end. Read on for his thoughts on it, his progress so far, and more.

Josh Kern came to Arizona with the intention of playing quarterback, but after one year, he and the coaching staff had a realization that it was not going to work out for Kern at that position.

Now, Kern is slotted at tight end and although his progress has been a bit slow because it is a new position, there is certainly potential there.

"Obviously it has been weird, but it is nice having Ben Sullivan and Michael Cooper to learn from because they both knew the offense coming in," Kern said. "It is also nice having Coach Ragle to learn from and he has done a nice job of bringing me up to speed."

Kern is continuing to work on the physical aspects of playing tight end and admits that it has been difficult to gain the necessary weight.

"Physically I am a little under what I want to be," he said. "I still want to gain probably close to 20 pounds. Right now it is a struggle, but it is getting better."

The move to tight end was not necessarily Kern's choice, but it is something that he has accepted and been working with his position coach on.

"Ragle is awesome to play for," kern said. "He is passionate, intense and really gets your motor going. I am just trying to pick up everything as fast as I can.

"It is a role you just kind of have to accept. It is not up to me' the coaches do what is best for the team and I just have to accept it."

Kern wanted to put Arizona in the best position to win and he had a feeling he would be moving to tight end once last season ended.

"Coming back from Christmas break, I kind of knew it was going to happen because I was playing scout team tight end," he said. "I kind of knew that I was going to go to receiver or tight end and they told me I was going to tight end, so I just started to get ready."

There is no hiding the fact that the position change has been difficult, but one advantage Kern has is that he has read opposing defenses before.

"Definitely being the quarterback from my first year helped with the transition, but it has been difficult trying to learn the routes and everything like that," he said.

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