Cooper Jr. looking around

Eric Cooper Jr. has opened up his recruitment. Read on to see the reasons his father gives for doing so, thoughts on Arizona, and more.

Long Beach (Calif.) St. Anthony's 2014 combo guard Eric Cooper Jr. committed to play for the University of Arizona before many of the players on the current roster.

The last 24 hours has brought a flurry of speculation and there does seem to be some movement in Cooper's recruitment.

"Eric still views himself as a Wildcat," Eric Cooper Sr. said. "At the same time, he just needs to do his due diligence as far as selecting a school."

Cooper Sr. believes that his son is more mature now and needs to explore his options.

"You've got to remember he's been committed forever it seems and he's older and more mature now and he's got a clearer idea of what he's looking for," Cooper Sr. said.

"It just makes sense to open up and look at everything again. He's got time because he's going to be playing prep ball next season."

The Coopers know what they're looking for in any prospective college.

"At the end of the day he will go to the place where he feels best at," Cooper Sr. said. "He's worked very hard to improve and he will be able to show that in the coming year.

"Whatever school does get him will get a class kid and someone who works hard every day. It's a two-part equation with him because he really wants to get a good education and continue to improve his skills."

Cooper Sr. has left open the possibility for a return to his son's Arizona commitment, but still believes he needs to look around.

"He's open to going to the best place for him, distance isn't a factor," Cooper Sr. said. "He could still wind up at Arizona, but he's going to look around just to make sure there isn't something better for him out there.

"I would imagine we will learn more about everything shortly."

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