Kirelawich breaks down the defensive line

Bill Kirelawich has mixed feelings about the play of the defensive line this spring. Read on for his thoughts on Tevin Hood, Dwight Melvin, and more.

Arizona's defensive line has not been healthy all spring, but line coach Bill Kirelawich is working with what he has and has numerous impressions about where the line stands as of now.

For starters, Tevin Hood has been one of the more consistent defensive players and Kirelawich is quick to take note of that.

"Tevin is the toughest guy I've got," Kirelawich said. "I like the way he plays. I think he is hard-nosed, I think he is dependable; I think he is every good thing you could say about a football player. I think he is smart and he is a real good guy. Good guy to coach and I am glad he is on our team."

The most impressive aspect about Hood may be the fact that he is a well-rounded player in numerous ways.

"I think he comes out and plays hard all the time, gives you everything he's got," Kirelawich said. "He did the same thing last fall, that is how he eventually he got to be the first-team nose. He works hard in the weight room. He is an all-around guy.

"He is good in the weight room, he is good in the class room, and he is good in the meeting room. It does not get much better than that."

Hood saw plenty of playing time last season, but Arizona is going to have to rely on players that redshirted last year. One such player is Kyle Kelley, who the coaching staff is hoping will emerge this upcoming season.

"I like Kyle Kelley," Kirelawich said. "I think Kyle probably out of all the kids has come the furthest in the spring. He may have a lot longer to go, but I think he is another guy that tries like hell, shows up, does a good job for us.

"Is he game ready? I don't know yet. He will determine that in summer camp, but he is moving in that direction."

Another player that Arizona is hoping can contribute is Dwight Melvin, but Kirelawich says that the tackle has plenty of room for improvement.

"Long way to go and that is on Dwight Melvin," he said. "Dwight Melvin will get there when he decides to get there. I think there's a part of me that thinks he has the tools to do what he should be doing, but now he has to tie it all together.

"I need to see more hustle, more sense of urgency, and more of a lot of things out of him. I think he has the tools, big strong kid, and moves okay. He should be better than he is right now in my opinion and I will tell him that."

In reality, there is only so much that Kirelawich can do until the defensive line gets healthy. The hope is that once it does, he will be able to add more into the playbook in order to maximize the line's effectiveness.

"You would hope so, but when you have seven starters out of a scrimmage, how complex can you be,? Kirelawich said of adding more. "Just getting 11 out there is complex enough. It is difficult, I can tell you that."

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